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And so, she was once your girl, the one you fell in love with, promised to cherish and take care of, and you were both happy. But something happened in the middle of the relationship, and you fell apart. And here you are, thinking what went wrong, with a broken heart in your hands, but still in love and hopeful. Definitely, you have the hyped emotions to win her back again. But how? There are good attempts and bad attempts to win her back. But here are some 6 fool-proof ways on how to get your girl back. 1.Talk to her in the least offensive way possible. If there were questions left unanswered during the break-up, be careful in bringing this matter up. She might not be ready to talk about it. So give her time. 2.Show her your sweetest gestures. Make sure that you show her your love sincerely by giving her trinkets of sweetness that does not have to be expensive nor flashy. 3.Befriend her. I know it may be difficult for you to even call her as just a friend, but you have to, just so you can show her your concern without pressuring her to be in a relationship with you. 4.Be close to her friends and her family. This way, you will be able to be pretty closer to her at times, without consciously doing so. 5.Send her a love letter. If you can't tell her out straight just how much you mean to her, say it in a love letter. Have some friends help you write it but make sure the content comes from your heart. 6.Do not rush her. This makes her feel that she is allowed to think things through, yet she knows you are waiting for an answer. It makes her think at times about what to do with your disrupted relationship. On using these 6 tips on how to get your girl back, please make sure that you are patient, as it can take some time for her to realize some things. It will also help if you simple let things flow while you do your techniques as you get your girl back into your arms again gradually.

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==== ==== To know more about how to get your ex back, click this one ==== ====

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