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If you're wondering how to get your girl back then the breakup probably wasn't such a disaster that you think the relationship can't be salvaged.  If things were said or done that may have hurt her, now is the time to apologize.  Apologizing and being sincere about it is a good first step.  How to your girl back by showing your sensitive side While there is no guarantee that being sensitive will help you get your girl back, it can help you chances by doing things right.  In addition to telling her you're sorry (if you need to), showing her and telling her how much you miss her may help.  It's important to note how she responds to this.  If she gets even more upset, you need to change your approach or hold off for awhile. If you send her flowers and a card make sure that they're her favorite flowers...not just a bouquet you picked up at a local flower shop.  Pick a blank card and write your own words in the card.  This will get your feelings across and show her that you're being sincere.  Don't be corny here with rhymes and poems...just be yourself. One thing you need to ask yourself is, "Was I thoughtful during the relationship?"  If you weren't as thoughtful as you could have been or should have been then this is an opportunity to show her that you realize one of your faults and want to fix it.  Don't be overbearing about it, but if you do little things here and there to make her happy your efforts may pay off.  But remember, do it to make her happy not just because you want to get her back.  This is how to get your girl back AND keep have to want to make her happy! How to Get Your Girl Back - Should you date other women? If it's been awhile since the breakup, and you're doing all of the little things we've discussed, a casual date should seem harmless and may make your girl wish she was your date.  Be smart about this one though!  Don't go too far on the will backfire! How to Get Your Girl Back if She Has a Boyfriend This is a tough one, but if are able to show her that she will be happier with you than the other guy then you should have a decent chance.  Being sensitive and thoughtful will help your chances. If it seems as though she has moved on, send her a card with a simple note such as wishing her a great week or weekend.  Be sure to make it look as though you don't any

expectations.  This should really impress her!

There you go, my friend. The tips discussed here are some great ways to get your girl back. BUT, they are just one part of the equation! It is extremely important to have a step-by-step plan that will guide you back to your girl. To be honest, that is what I did when my girl unexpectedly broke up with me. As hard as it was for me to get help (I am a guy after all...I don't need help!), I followed a plan by T 'Dub' Jackson. I almost destroyed any chance of getting her back, but his book called "The Magic of Making Up" got me back on track and eventually got my girl back and our relationship is better than ever. You can learn more about The Magic of Making Up at [] Or, get more tips at How to Win Back Love

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==== ==== To know more about how to get your ex back, click this one ==== ====

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