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I do not want to seem biased, but this information is for women only. If you are a woman and you want to learn some secrets on how to get your ex back fast, take five minutes to read the rest of this article. I promise you that it will not be a waste of your time. I realize that a breakup is a painful time and it is hard to be strong when planning your next move, but that is exactly what you need to be...strong. What Smart Women Do Smart women know that men are more attracted to women that respect and like themselves. What happens during most breakups when the man is the one initiating the breakup? In most instances the woman finds herself pleading with her partner not to leave her and professes her undying love for him. While this might seem like a good idea at the spur of the moment, it really isn't and it will not help you to get your ex back fast. Become a Smart Woman What you should be doing instead is staying calm and approaching the situation with self confidence. You can empower yourself in this situation by staying calm and resisting the urge to beg and plead. I know you are at a low point emotionally at this time and you will not be thinking clearly, especially if you did not see this coming. If you have already been through this stage of the breakup, do not worry is never too late to change your plan and get your ex back fast. If you feel that you might have ruined your chances by losing control I would not worry about it. What I would suggest is learning a better and more successful strategy and then putting it into action. Remember men are attracted to smart self confident women, so become that woman and go get your ex back.

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