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So, you want to know how to get back with your ex girlfriend then? Well, you've come to the right place then because that's exactly what I hope to help you with in this article. You see, most guys make the same, silly mistakes when they are in this type of situation, a lot of it comes down to mindset and they have it all wrong. Most guys think that the girl is the "prize" and that they must "win" her, they sort of think that they aren't good enough for the girl. This is not the right way to think about things, why should a woman be attracted to you if you aren't good enough for her? It's not likely that she will. You need to realise that she is not the prize, you are. You're probably thinking, "this isn't right, if you want to get a girlfriend then you have to treat them like a queen and do everything for them", no, that's what a servant does for his boss, are you a servant? Is the woman you like your boss? No, you need to be thinking about why she should be attracted to you and why she should actually be chasing you, that little change in mindset can make a really massive difference to the situation, suddenly you stop chasing her and she starts chasing you. Would it not be much easier to get her as your girlfriend again if she was chasing you instead of the other way around? Of course it would, yet most guys don't seem to understand this, they continually go out and try to "win" girls over, they are usually quite weak and easily manipulated men, however, they don't actually realise they are doing anything wrong, they actually think they're doing things right. The main point is this, when you stop thinking of her as the prize and start thinking of yourself as the prize, you will find it much easier to demonstrate your value to her, it will be easier to increase the attraction level she has for you. Think about your good qualities, what makes you a good "catch", everyone has good qualities, if you find it hard to list them, it's usually just a mindset issue, a confidence issue, not an actual fact, what I mean is, a lot of guys that don't have much self confidence would find it hard to find their good qualities and values, even though they are there.

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