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Women... There's just no knowing their mind, is there? One moment, she's telling you that you're the love of her life; the next, she's slamming a door in your face. No matter how bad your break-up was, remember this - there are many great ways on how to get a woman back. Some of them are genuinely effectively, while others can often ruin whatever chance of getting back together you still have. Read on to discover the single most powerful such technique - "Reconciliation Through Separation", which helped me win my own ex back in just 17 days. As the name implies, to use this technique, you must fully separate with your ex - and then rely on reverse psychology to make her run back into your arms. In your case, separation means cutting all contact with your ex. Stop calling her, returning her phone calls or arranging to "accidentally" bump into her in public places. In short, pretend she doesn't exist and get on with your life - and wait to see the results. You're probably wondering right now - how the heck can I win my ex back by ignoring her entirely? The truth is, women love a challenge. They enjoy the thrill of chasing a man much more than they're ever willing to admit. If you start giving her the cold shoulder treatment, she won't take it as an offence - quite the contrary, it will show her that you're strong enough to move on without her. And if there's one thing that all women respect in a man, it's strength. There is another reason why "Reconciliation Through Separation" is so effective. The moment you're out of your ex's life, she will start missing you, even if she dumped you in the first place not so long ago. Remember, the break-up was probably as hard on her as it was on you - and now that you're not around to make things worse and start arguments, she will start looking back fondly on all the good times you had together, rather than on the problems that had led to the break-up.

As you can see, "Reconciliation Through Separation" is extremely powerful. It can win any woman back, no matter why she dumped you in the first place. The trick is knowing what to do during the period of separation to double your chance of winning her back. To discover this, click here to visit my website where I share techniques based on my own experience of winning my ex back in just 17 days!

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==== ==== To know more about how to get your ex back, click this one ==== ====

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