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What an honor to be recognized alongside Jennifer Hudson and the others who were featured in the?"Globe" Magazine article?on Jan 17, 2011.? They reviewed the stories of a?dozen people, just like me, who had finally gotten their weight under control. As I have said many times, my weight was a burden.? It was something overwhelming to me.? Although I "tried" many diets, I was constantly?failing at them.?? I was unhealthy and frustrated.? Sometimes though, it takes something bigger than the immediate problem, the weight, to force us to take action.? And I did just that, I took massive action. I have been?bombarded on my Facebook Fan Page, FB Profile Page and my blog with people wanting to hear more about how I actually lost my weight.?? After all, I am 59 years old and everyone tells women my age that weight loss is not possible for us.??As stated in the article, I Walked My Way to a Sexy Size 4.? Yes, that I did but I did?so much more than just walk. When I first started the process of losing the weight, I walked a little every day.? It was pretty easy since I live on the beach.? But I still had to force myself to go out the door and do it.? Sometimes we sabotage our greatest goals simply by talking ourselves out of doing what we should. Once I got into the habit of walking every day, I stepped it up a notch.? I walked farther, faster and much more focused.? I learned to racewalk and lift weights.? This probably sounds overwhelming to many, but in hindsight, it seemed easy and natural to me at the time.? As I felt better and better I found it easier to do much more. Plus, my self-esteem was through the roof.? I began to like the way I looked and felt.? I liked the attention from friends and family which motivated me even more. As a long time personal development coach, I frequently told people "just do the thing and you will have the energy to do the thing".? That was so very true for me.? The more I did what I should do from eating right to exercising, the easier it became.? I quickly passed the point of no return.? I can't say exactly how long it took for me to get to the point where it all became easy and natural.? My life changed very quickly as I began getting out with friends more often, doing things I had always hoped to do and I even began to date a little which I had never considered a possibility after my husband's death.? In fact, the crazy thing I remember most is, I actually turned down dates because I was just too busy with so many activities. But I digress.? As I began to see the difference in the way my clothes fit, my energy and my selfesteem sky-rocketed.?? I was more and more active and even began dancing again.?? My point however, is a very simple one.? I did not do anything miraculous; I just did the right thing

for me.? I took the action necessary for me to be healthy and strong.? I took the action to take back my life.? I took responsibility for my own life and health.? Yes, it took commitment, but the commitment was easy once I made the decision to succeed. This level of success is available to anyone.? We have to quiet the beast within telling us it is hopeless and just a dream.? We have to decide to take control and decide that failure is never an option.? And yes, it is a little painful in the beginning, but we handle other pain in our lives like champs, why not the pain of getting healthy and strong? I hope in some small way to motivate or encourage other women to step up to the?plate.? To strap on their walking shoes and start taking control.? There is no excuse big enough to not do what needs to be done.? No one will do it for you.? There is no pill or potion or magic plan to make you healthy.? Even if your choice is surgery, you still have to take responsibility for your results.? Only you can take care of you. To your unstoppable success...

I am on a passionate mission to help Baby Boomers move from Fat, Flabby and Fifty to Firm, Fit and Fabulous. After losing 80 lbs at the age of 57, going from a size 20w to a size 4, being unable to climb a flight of stairs to running marathons at the age of 59. I would love to show you how you too can change into more than you ever imagined was possible. I am not here to sell you a diet program, I am here to help and support you with your weight loss goals. I offer a Free Video Program on Losing Weight after 50 at: Visit me on Facebook:

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