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Break ups are painful and scary but it is not the end of life, there is still hope if you try a little harder. Here's some advice for surviving a break up and how to get your ex back. Try and gather the pieces again to live life. It is difficult but not impossible. Break-up victims, like anyone else rarely enjoy getting dumped. What many of them fail to realize however is that breaking up is rarely a permanent decision. The first thing to do is to start over as though you have just met. Pursue that person like you did before you first started dating. Start exercising, eating healthier, going back to school, or anything else that will help make you feel like a million bucks. Besides feeling better about yourself, your ex will also take notice. Start doing things that make you feel genuinely good about yourself. You might want to change your style of dress, pick up hobbies, or get more involved in the community, maybe do some volunteer work. Feeling sorry for yourself is not a redeeming feature! You must visualize yourself with them again. Feel that kiss on your lips one more time. Hold them in your imaginary arms and this time, don't let go. Guys understand women love being pursued, they will leave if you are not attentive to them or emotional needs are not met. Women understand men will leave if they feel there is no excitement or they have no space. Therefore to win you ex back, you have to do the opposite of what they don't like. Ask for forgiveness (if you were wrong), but don't beg for it. Let's be honest, no one likes a weak, desperate person. Begging is not a good way to win them back. It will only hurt you and if they say yes, it will probably be out of pity, and that's not good! Once you are off of the emotional roller coaster, you need to learn what a healthy relationship is. Learn more about trust, support, honesty, romance, good communication. These areas are steps in the right direction for advice on how to get your ex back.

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==== ==== To know more about how to get your ex back, click this one ==== ====

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