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A break-up with boyfriend can be a defining moment of one's life. Often the incident is taxing, and it often leaves both hearts broken. Though you might have a mix of emotions including sadness and anger, you might also still have feelings for the guy and want an attempt to mend things and get the guy back into your loving arm. I believe the best practice of winning your guy back is in the art of seduction. Instead of trying to push yourself on him, win him back with your warmth, charm and beauty - the exact assets that made him fall for you in the first place. Using certain knowledge can be advantageous to winning your guy back. It is barely a secret that men love challenges, and they often want what they can't have. At first, keep a little distance. Don't give the guy you want back instant access to your personal time. Make him work a little for it. Let him seek you out to prove that he is serious in reconciling your relationship. Most men don't like clingy girls that cause drama. The worst thing you can do is become a stalker and track his every move. This is one surefire and counterproductive manner to scare off the guy you're trying win back forever. Men are also attracted to beautiful girls. That doesn't only encompass personal beauty, but also the personality that you exude. Carry yourself in a confident manner and show some independence. To do this, try to forget the guy you are trying to win back and focus on yourself. You always want to look the best you can. This isn't only in case you bump into him, but also if his buddies see you out somewhere having fun and looking hot. Men talk just like us girls, and you can be sure that he will hear the news. After hearing about your happiness and how hot you looked, he might think more about you and wonder if breaking up was a mistake. Maybe he will give you a call, send you a text or hit up on Facebook. A confident woman is extremely sexy to a man. Return to being the same girl that he originally fell in love with. If you believe there is a chance that you will be seeing him out, try wearing a certain outfit that he always said he liked when you two were dating. You never know, it just might make him ponder the break-up and convince him to reconnect with you. Winning your guy back isn't going to be easy, but these basic tips will start you on the right path. It is definitely possible that you and your ex-boyfriend will be happy again, enjoy each other's

company, and fall more in love than ever before.

Maggie Moller offers tips on how to win your guy back on her blog, Get Ex Backs.

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