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It can be tough to deal with being on the receiving end of a breakup in a relationship. If your partner ends the relationship, and you still have feelings for them, you may be constantly wondering about getting ex back. There are some psychological techniques, which are very effective in winning back your ex. Take a look at the following three tricks for getting your ex back. Act like you have moved on from the relationship even if you have not. Your ex will start to wonder why you have moved on so quickly and they will want you back. You will be on their mind constantly and they will quickly re-evaluate why they broke up with you in the first place. They will realize they made a mistake and come back to you. This is a wonderful and effective technique that you can use. In general, people want what they cannot have. If you act like you could care less about your ex, they will start to have intense feelings for you again. If you act as if you are unobtainable, they will want you more and more. Pretending that you are the happiest person in the world now that you are out of the relationship is a great way for your ex to see that you are happy. They will feel rejected and immediately feel as if they are not worthy of you. This feeling is very powerful and they will do almost anything to make you happy themselves. While these techniques will not work for everybody, anybody can win back their ex according to "The Magic of Making Up". Any two people can make things work again and come back together.

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