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Did your girlfriend dump you? Or did you make a huge mistake and dump her, and you want to get girlfriend back? Well, there are definitely a few simple strategies you can follow that will help you get inside her head, know what she is thinking, and then win her back! The "Get Girlfriend Back" Strategies: 1. Stop calling. You'll have to use a little reverse psychology here. If you are calling or texting every day then your girl knows that you are desperate for her. She knows that she has the power to ignore your calls and drive you totally nuts. If you stop calling she will wonder why, and she might even consider calling you. Women really love attention, and once you take that attention away, she'll definitely be craving it (even if she's mad at you!) 2. Talk to other girls. Women go psycho with jealousy when their ex boyfriends talk to other chicks. You don't have to date other girls, just hang out with them. They could be your female friends from school or work, your sisters friends, etc. Go for drinks, see a movie, or just hang out. Get some female attention and your girl will start going mad with jealousy! All women want to be the #1 girl, and when another female is taking your attention away (even if its not romantic) your girl will come crawling back to you! 3. Upgrade your appearance. You could get a fresh haircut or shave, add some new gear to your wardrobe, start working out, etc. Women care a LOT about appearances (look at how much we spend on our own!) and once she sees that you've made a change for the better she'll be going crazy for you. She'll want you on her arm ASAP! Also, most women, including myself, go nuts for a man in uniform or shirt/tie/tux etc. These types of outfits are very flattering and masculine and women just love them. 4. Put your mind to something. Women love it when a man commits himself to something. A sport, a hobby, a class, a project.. whatever! Just put your all into it. Women become very interested when a man commits himself to something simply because it appeals to our basic instinct of finding a man who will commit to a marriage and family. If she sees that quality in you, it will definitely turn her on! Use these 4 secret strategies and you'll get girlfriend back... not to mention some attention from other women as well!

Learn how to Get Your Girlfriend Back using the methods that got my ex back to me in just two weeks! If they worked for me they can work for you!

Vera Linden is a writer and artist from New York City and has been writing on relationships and break up help since 2006.

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==== ==== To know more about how to get your ex back, click this one ==== ====

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