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There may have been a lot of reasons she broke up with you that added up, or maybe there was just one big thing that made her very angry. No matter why she broke up with you, there are ways that you can get your girl back. First try and find out what went wrong. If you want to get your girl back, you will need to realize if you did something really bad to anger her, if she lost interest in you, or if there is another guy in the picture that she is more interested in. Once you know what it was that lead you to break up, you can start to fix it. If you made her really mad and she broke up with you for that reason, you need to apologize first off. Apologize sincerely and let her know that whatever you did was wrong, and that you will not do it again. Tell her that you still love her and would like to make things work. If she lost interest in you or the relationship, try to remember all of the little things that she fell in love with you for at the beginning. If you used to do or say little things to her that you stopped doing later on, start doing those things again. She may have lost interest because you are no longer the same person she fell in love with. If she is with another guy, start dating another girl. Keep in touch with your ex and let her know that you are still interested in her, and still have feelings. If she sees you with another girl, it may spark jealousy and she will realize that you are who she is supposed to be with. It is possible for anybody to get their girlfriend back according to "The Magic of making Up". Stay in contact with her and you will always be viewed as an option.

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