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In 1998 my boyfriend, Joe, who I expected to one day marry, left me. The loss of love was not as hard to deal with as the loss of what I thought was my perfect future. Joe and I had been together since shortly after high school and we seemed destined to be together. I blamed myself and my shortcomings for the deterioration of the perfect relationship, and any chance of happiness without Joe seemed impossible. I wanted nothing more than to get him back. For a month, I did nothing but read every "how to get your boyfriend back" book and magazine article I could find while simultaneously doing all the wrong things whenever I would speak to or see Joe. None of these books went into any detail about what type of behavior to avoid when trying to get your exboyfriend back. The 3 Big Mistakes I Made 1) Reasoning. I tried to reason with Joe. I tried to use common sense and factual information to prove to him how we belonged together. What I learned later is that when one person views the problems in the relationship as too big to overcome and decides to leave, there is no convincing that person that there is hope. No amount of reason will change their mind or their heart. Furthermore, the attempt to do so becomes an irritation and drives them away even more. 2) Reminiscing. He's mad right now. You have to remember that. He does not want to remember the good times because with the state of mind he is in at the moment, this will only make him more resentful of you for your faults and for the role you played in ruining his relationship. Always keep in mind, he is hurting too. He is experiencing loss as well. 3) Being too nice. I know it sounds crazy, but I was being too nice to him. What actually happened was, he took my niceness as a lack of care. He took my pleasant demeanor as indifference. He wanted to know, needed to know that I was hurting as much as he was and that I cared as much as he did. There are several ways to go about showing him that you do care and that you are hurting, but some of these ways are very wrong and will only make him turn and run for the hills. Eleven months after Joe left me we got married. We've been married for nine years and have three beautiful daughters. Our marriage, while wonderful and fulfilling, is not perfect. No marriage is. It takes work and attention but the lessons I learned when Joe and I broke up help me to this day. He has learned the same things and together we are able to make our marriage beautiful.

If It's Meant To Be, You Can Succeed!

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