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In order to get your ex back fast, so many how-to guides and articles out there will tell you to fake your emotions, act like you do not care about your ex, arrange fake rendezvous's, etc. This is junk Do not waste your time. Anyone who would tell you to stop being you is not worth reading... how can you stop being yourself. It does not make any sense. Do this first: Get a hold of your emotions. Now is the time to be thinking clearly. I know you have much pain from the situation. I know your heart is broken. But you cannot allow that to control you. I would never tell you not to feel, and you definitely need to grieve. But this cannot control your every action. Do this second: Do not chase after your ex trying to get them back. This means you cannot send them a bunch of emails, IMs, calls, texts, Facebook messages, etc. While the message you are trying to get across is "I do not want to give up on you" or "I care about you no matter what happened," all this does it put them in a position of power. When your ex has that power over you, it will not be used for good. I am not sure what it is about human psychology, but when we find ourselves in that position, it will be difficult to act responsibly. The point is not to let them get you in that position in the first place. Do this third: Make a plan. Now that your head is straight, you can start thinking about how you want to approach your ex to get them back. If you do the first two steps, you will avoid the mistakes that 90 percent of people make, right off the bat. No plan will ever have a guarantee. But if you use a system that has helped countless other people before you, it can only make your life, and this process, easier.

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