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Lets face it, whether you're young or old one of the most important things that we have in this world is love. Many times, our worlds appear to be in shambles when we're trying to get to a breakup or especially when we're trying to get that special someone back in our lives. Usually when we get to the point that a relationship is ending, there is usually one person who would like to continue on while the other considers it a dead issue. So the question is, what exactly should you do if you're the person that wants a relationship to continue. I wish that there were an easy answer to this question. Unfortunately, there isn't. Rekindling a romance or getting a relationship back on the right track is often hard work and require some careful thought and planning. The question that you actually have to ask yourself, is whether or not you have the discipline and strength to fight for what you want. When trying to get a lover back in your life there is one important first step that can never be skipped. You must at the very least make sure that the other person understands exactly how you feel. Often times, this can be a very humbling experience. This is especially true if the breakup is fresh and there is still a lot of tension in the air. It helps if you can get a little bit creative. When I say creative I mean doing things like sending a text message, e-mail, or even a digital card through the Internet. What this does is let the other person know that you are still thinking about them without bothering them with a direct communication. The other thing this does, is it puts the ball in the their court. Essentially the next move to be made is theirs. If you can get them to contact you whether by phone or any other means you are seriously halfway there. This lets you know, that they are at the very least open to discuss the matter and they hear you out with what you have to say. If you already tried the steps above and have been unsuccessful in getting your ex back there are more day and strategies for hard to deal with cases that are available to you. If that special someone really means that much to you, you definitely should be willing to go the extra mile.

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