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How to get girlfriend back? This was all my friend Jason was mumbling during the ride to work on Monday. He looked just devastated after the recent (last weekend) breakup of him and his girlfriend. I really didn't want to know any of the details regarding the break up but he told me anyway. Jason explained to me what happened and basically, his ex girlfriend wanted to start dating a guy that worked in the same building as her. Jason said all weekend he was calling her, texting her and even drove past her house a few times to see if her car was there. Jason, I said, You will never get your girlfriend back that way. Calling, texting and driving past her house will only make you look desperate, and you don't want that. He asked "if your so smart do you have any suggestions to help him get my girlfriend back?" I told him that it doesn't take a genius to know that repetitive calling, texting and driving past her house is the wrong approach to get a girlfriend back. I suggested that he comes up with a real plan to get his girlfriend back. I first suggested to start by taking some time to take care of himself first. Get a fresh haircut, maybe a few new shirts to replace the old battered ones. Perhaps try researching some of the things she enjoys so that when it is time to get girlfriend back you will have a "fresh" new look and attitude. It is very important not to rush this first step. Really take some time off for yourself. Then I suggested, after a couple weeks, for him to ask out one of his ex girlfriends single friends. After a date is set up with her friend, text (once) your ex girlfriend and explain to her who you are taking out and if she knows where her friend would enjoy going. If she calls you back immediately, that's a great thing. If she starts to object to you and her friend going out simply say "I thought we were broken up and moving on". This will show your ex girlfriend that you are still a desirable guy, and maybe plant the seed that breaking up with you was a mistake. I explained to Jason that when you are out on the date with your ex's friend, take her someplace nice and be a perfect gentleman, maybe even bring her some flowers. As your date is winding down, stay in gentleman mode. If you really want to get girlfriend back simply end the date with no more than a kiss on her cheek. Within the next day or two your date will more than likely contact your ex girlfriend and ask why she broke off a relationship with such a great guy. I told Jason that after flowing these few tips your ex girlfriend will soon start to wonder why she broke off a relationship with such a great guy. The last thing I told Jason was, if you truly want to get girlfriend back, do not rush back into the relationship. By taking it slow in the beginning you can avoid making mistakes and she will not

start to second guess her decisions for getting back with you. It was hard to convince him that this can work, but it dose work. This is the same technique I once used to get girlfriend back.

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