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This article is about the best way to get your girlfriend back. Your ex girlfriend probably doesn't want you back yet so you will have to take an indirect route at this. Some people teach to write a very sincere handwritten letter expressing that you accept the breakup and the current relationship status. So you want to check to see if you can get your girlfriend but right now it's just too soon. You have to let her know that you accept the relationship as it is right now. And then you give it some time. It's hard to say exactly how much time but usually two or three weeks is enough. It might be a full month that you need. So what you want to do next is to try to do some coffee or something else casual like pizza but it's got a be casual in a can't be anything that looks or sounds like a real date. That is too forward right now. Too soon. So you to take your time and be casual for a while, do coffee and just look for signs. After two or three times a doing this one maybe trying out the door open to doing something like a little adventurous rollerskating or ice skating or hiking or something. If you sense that there is still fun relationship and there might still be interested in your string see some signs you may want to kick it up a gear. Ask a more formal question and maybe it's time to think about a date.

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