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We live in a hectic society. Even we do not know where our pace leads us; Perhaps nowhere. We constantly overlook the health factor till it catches on us. A person does not care about petrol till the car finally stops and then he finds himself at the middle of nowhere. We are "junk foodies". We eat fast and look to gobble things anywhere we can in less than a couple of minutes. Unfortunately, we are also quite adept at overindulgence. Cheese and sugar are our mantra for life. This makes us diseased from inside. We get cardiac problems, higher cholesterol levels, diabetes among other things. It also adds to the size of our belly. We keep looking for overnight fat-loss measures; those that can help us with a miraculous loss of weight. We use different diets, regimens, pills, and E-books. We spend as much as we had spent on foods for building the flab. Nothing works. The Atkins diet, Hollywood diet and various burst diets fail. Moreover, these induce a lot of tiredness, chances of seizure and problems with the immunity. The relapse is also quite burdensome for the metabolism once we leave the diet. It is important to lose weight without any side effect. Let's read certain methods to do so. Add a lot of fiber, fruit and vegetable to your diet. Fiber gives a wholesome feeling to the belly. This means that the body suppresses the appetite and brings down the junk craving. Fruit and vegetables also play a great part in weight loss. These are balanced diets so the body feels as if there is a party going on. Any fat it had looked to save for famine phase is thus readily shed off. Another important thing is to take many meals of small quantities rather than a couple of largesized meals. Smaller meals are digested better. Look to eat food that can be processed better by the body. There are plenty of diet generators today which suggest which combination suits us best. Once we take in the right food, our metabolism is automatically pepped up. It speedily burns calories then. Cardio is another great tool of weight loss. It tones the muscles and gives you washboard abs as an aside. These are middle intensity exercises which boost the heart rate (though they keep the rate at manageable levels) the heightened metabolism begins to burn calorie very fast. Let's see a few cardio tips. Use a bench and jump with both feet on it and jump down. Repeat this process for a minute at your best pace. Do it with 45 second intervals. Repeat it for at least three times. This brings the best possible result. A Hindu squat is another great method of exercising. For them, a 20 second rest is advisable. A Hula Hoop is another great cardio. These are more effective for weight loss through belly as they include gyrations of the pelvis. 10 minutes a day of hula hoop is enough.

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==== ==== To know more about how to lose weight, click this one ==== ====

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