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At first, you should try to figure out the reason for the break up. Break ups just don't happen; there must be something that made your girlfriend to decide to discontinue the relationship. Once you have figured out the cause, the next step are ways to make it right again with your ex. If you were the person that caused the break up, you probably know the reason why you broke up with your girlfriend. It could be that your ex was cheating. If that's the case, then there is a solution for every problem. Just read on and follow my suggestions. First way: Resume socializing with your friends, even if you are still struggling to win your ex girlfriend's heart again. Considering the fact that you and your lover are no longer united should not warrant cutting link with the rest of the world. Cheer up and join your friends to have fun. Do not stay in a particular place and obsess about the whole situation. You have to prove to your ex girlfriend that you are strong and able to carry on even when they are not there. Make friends and feel free even when your ex is there. Talk to the opposite sex, especially when your ex is there. It is necessary to strike a bit jealousy in your ex lover's heart. This can make them want to get you back as soon as possible because they may think another person is about to take you away from them. Second way: Let your actions signal a moved-on attitude to your ex girlfriend but also give them the impression that you still care about them. Show that you haven't fully moved on. One way to do this is to smile at your ex whenever you see them. Even if it's not necessarily talking to them, you can look at them, smile and continue heading to where you are going. You can also wink at them and continue moving. These are 2 of the ways to show you've moved on but not completely and also a way to show that you still need them. Third way: Look attractive. What did you think made your ex to fall for you at first? What brought about there love for you at first sight? How have you changed since then? Now is the time to rekindle that attitude again in order to make them want you so bad again. Does your partner compliment on your attire? Dress that way more often and draw their attention towards you. Have you changed that behavior your girlfriend mostly appreciates? You need to turn a new leaf in order to impress them. Is there something they hate which you chose to do it? Now is the time to show that you've changed for the better. Fourth way: After you have realized that the break up was caused wholly or partially by you, the next step to take is to make your lover know that you accept that what occurred was triggered by you and that you regret what you did and what it resulted into. You can extend your apology to her and let them know that you won't let such thing happen again. There is no need to yearn and act too desperate when conveying your apology to your girlfriend, doing this might not work. Girls hate guys that are too desperate. You should just act normal and also show a bit sober for what happened. If you don't express it fully, your partner might think that you are yet to be sorry for what

you did and therefore could reject your apology.

These are some of the steps you should take initially to win your ex girlfriend's heart, but to learn further on how to get her back, you still have to look further for what to say and what to do etc. This is just the tip of the iceberg. If you are really serious about getting your ex girlfriend back, I recommend you get The Magic of Making Up. It's a complete step-by-step manual which contains incredible ideas experts use to renew relationships. Get it today, read it, apply it and watch your ex walk into your life like magic. Check it out at

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==== ==== To know more about how to get your ex back, click this one ==== ====

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