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Continuous Glucose Monitoring: The Latest in Sensor Technology Continuous Glucose Monitoring devices (CGMs) use a sensor placed just under the skin to measure blood glucose levels automatically every five minutes. At Kovler we have expertise in all three of the latest types of CGM devices: 1. Professional continuous glucose monitoring

These devices are storage tools that record data. They are used as diagnostic tools to uncover trends and patterns in low blood sugars. Worn for a period of 7-14 days, they are then removed and the data is downloaded with special software. The devices do not show “real time” numbers to the user, but are a helpful tool in revealing glucose (sugar) patterns.

2. Personal use continuous glucose monitoring

This tool helps individuals understand trends and patterns in glucose with “real time” blood sugars. With it individuals can actually see “real time” numbers on the face of the device. Users see first-hand how food, exercise, stress and daily life affect glucose levels. Personal continuous glucose monitors are either prescribed by a physician or purchased by the individual with diabetes and the sensors are placed under the skin for 6-7 days.

3. Continuous glucose monitoring compatible with pumps

These devices are used by individuals who are currently using insulin pump therapy. They show trends and patterns that are helpful in making effective decisions using an insulin pump.

The University of Chicago Medicine Section of Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism


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