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Here are some general guidelines to get started: Start slow If you have not exercised for a while, it might take time to build up your stamina and strength. Exercising too hard in the beginning can cause injuries. Choose FUN activities Participating in activities that you find enjoyable will help to keep you exercising regularly. Find an exercise partner Exercising with a family member or friend can not only make the activity more fun but also help to keep you accountable. Incorporate more activity into your day: • • • •

Try taking the stairs instead of the elevator Park in the last spot in the parking lot Do daily household chores at a higher intensity When watching television, walk in place or around your home during commercial breaks

Please keep these safety tips in mind: • • • • • •

Always wear your medical ID Stay hydrated during and after exercise Keep a fast-acting sugar with you at all time Try to exercise during off-peak medication times Always check blood sugars before and after exercise If you experience frequent low blood sugar during or after exercise, please consult your healthcare team

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Kovler Diabetes Center Adult Program Guide  
Kovler Diabetes Center Adult Program Guide