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Sick Day Care When you are sick you may notice that your blood sugar is higher. This is because being sick is a stress to your body and any type of stress will raise blood sugar levels. You may not feel well enough to eat or drink when you are sick. Try to stick to your meal plan. If you have trouble eating regular food, try applesauce, soup or yogurt. Work with your healthcare provider to create a sick day plan that is right for you. Below is a list of general sick day management tips: • •

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Continue to take all medications, whether oral and/or insulin If taking insulin, you may need to take extra insulin to bring down high blood sugar levels. Talk to your healthcare team about how much is needed Check blood sugar frequently Stay hydrated with sugar-free, non-caffeinated beverages If eating is an issue, drink fluids containing sugar, but stick to no more than 1 ½ cups every 3-4 hours Beware of over the counter medicines that contain sugar Ask your pharmacist for sugar free recommendations When in doubt, call your healthcare provider

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Kovler Diabetes Center Adult Program Guide  
Kovler Diabetes Center Adult Program Guide