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Why Should You Deploy IT Help Desk Solutions? An IT Help Desk is a resource that is designed for the IT users to contact when they are faced with concerns with their IT services. Help Desks generally has a multi-tiered trouble shooting approach by having their own team of personnel and vast technical knowledge available. The deployment of multi-tiered assistance varies within the organizations. In an organization it might be one person who has all the know-how. Likewise, in another organization it could be a group of people who conduct some kind of support training in-house in order to offer IT support. Standards for Implementing Best IT Help Desk Practices The most strategic process for deploying an IT Help Desk solution is to comply with the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices. The best practices Help Desk should comprise of the following:

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Single point of contact (SPOC) for IT interruptions Computer or Software consultations Tracking capabilities of all incoming problems Problem escalation procedures Problem resolution

Keeping this mind, eminent companies specializing in agile methodology has come with advanced IT Help Desk Software. Some of the features of this innovative software include the following: Helps consumers to submit requests that are in turn managed with the help of a simple process having two service teams, namely Level One Support and Service Desk. This pre-defined process can be improved according to business requirements and objectives of service request management workflow of the service provider.

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Numerous IT service requests can be associated with an incident. The closure of all these request depends strictly on the closure of linked incidents The software has an in-built automation technology that assists to define, execute, enforce and automate helpdesk procedures Supports various helpdesk procedures, and enables the execution of multiple workflow’s within a single helpdesk interface There is a task-based process engine that enables several parallel tasks allotted to multiple persons that are all associated to one helpdesk ticket There is a drag and drop configurability that allows the execution of process changes in hours as compared to weeks

IT Help Desk solutions can be executed in multiple ways, but it is essential to address the end user needs and be functional as fast as possible. Furthermore, by following the best practices for Help Desk solutions also helps an organization to have its own foundation for the IT team in order to help in crucial strategic areas in a company and other various components of IT service management that includes Problem Management, Incident Management, Release Management, Change Management and many others.

Why Should You Deploy IT Help Desk Solutions?