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The ITSM Solution for Your Enterprise To ensure customer satisfaction, most organizations require the services of Information Technology. Service – oriented IT management or ITSM is a methodology that provides larger visibility to IT operations and functional services. There are many challenges that are faced by the IT organizations, like delivering quality IT services aligned to business goals, enhancing service efficiency within a given budget, boosting return-on-investment (ROI) and synchronizing people, process and technology, etc. A shift from “technology oriented IT Management” to “Service oriented IT management” became necessary to overcome these challenges. And in doing so enterprises began acknowledging the significance of managing IT and their business necessities in a way that improved services could be assured with the best possible investment on resources, workflow and IT infrastructure. The ITIL or Information Technology library provides the necessary guidance that deemed as a universal standard, and is used by a number of T service organizations. With the ITIL V3 complaint framework there is clear direction regarding the management of the IT infrastructure, streamlining the resources that is required to achieve business objectives.

An ideal ITSM solution is for service organizations looks at an efficient alignment between IT service operations and business goals. The solution should come with a business driven method that ensures ‘Quality,’ ‘Agility’ and ‘Performance.’ It should be a 100% web-based solution that services organizations can codeless configure as per the requirements of their business verticals. These components should be such that they are managed in separate silos. The IT Service Management solution your enterprise opts for should also come equipped with components like Configuration Items and Knowledgebase to make certain there is a good and practical implementation of this methodology in real-life. The ITSM solution that is chosen for your enterprise also needs to help the service managers with reports to assist them their assessment of the excellence of service operation, service delivery and overall distribution of IT assets. These reports can be graphical or non-graphical. It should provide a workflow based configurable global platform for implementing ITSM processes that are distributed over multiple geographic locations and across multiple organizations accessed.

It is therefore important to choose ITSM solutions that come with a set of specialized organizational potentials that provide value to the customers in the form of IT Services. Transformation of resources can be achieved by implementing IT-operation processes that can manage the services over a lifecycle with a well-defined strategy, design, transition, operation and continual improvement. The best ITSM solution helps a service organization to experience confidence and competence with capacity.

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The ITSM Solution for Your Enterprise  

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