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Integrated ALM with Cross-Tools Reporting Date - Thursday, Sep 26, 2013 Time - 5:00 PM IST REGISTER NOW In today’s software development world – Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) can no longer be complete without integrating the tools used to manage different phases and artifacts. Now that Integrated ALM is fast becoming the norm in the industry, it is important to look at the real benefits that we can get from this scenario. One of the major benefits of Integrated ALM is the ability to produce reports and dashboards based on the current data coming in from all the ALM tools that are integrated. Normally this is a formidable task if you are using a mix of tools from different vendors. The data from each of these tools would need to be extracted and manually compiled in a spreadsheet to generate meaningful reports. Today, with Integrated tools ALM in place, this is possible with the click of a button. It enables users to see real time project metrics and quickly take actions to rectify the problem areas. These benefits would be demonstrated in the webinar through a walkthrough of an Integrated ALM scenario implemented through the Kovair Omnibus Integration Platform. Key Questions Answered

What is Integrated ALM?

How can it be implemented?

What are the benefits of Integrated ALM?

How does it produce better quality of software?

How can we get cross-tool reporting using this?

How does this help in project execution?

Speakers –

Puranjoy Chatterjee - Director - Product Solutions, Kovair Software Inc Puranjoy has been working with the Kovair ALM product for the last several years. He currently heads the solution team for the Omnibus product line at Kovair and has been working on multi-vendor tool integrations for the last 5 years. He has been involved in Architecture, Design & Development of Kovair's Omnibus Integration platform. He has helped many Companies discover the benefits of integrated ALM by designing, building and deploying solutions for them. He has represented Kovair at many public events as a technical expert on tools integration. Who Should Attend? CTO's, Architects, Project Managers, Project Leaders, Developers, QA Leaders, Delivery Heads Event URL - About KOVAIR Kovair is the innovation leader in Application Lifecycle Management Integrations supporting global software development and management. Its Omnibus Integration Platform is based on Enterprise Service Bus architecture and includes a data repository, adaptive workflow engine and highly configurable process and business rules management capabilities. Kovair solutions are designed as an integrated web-based platform enabling anytime, anywhere access. Connect with us at:

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Webinar on “Integrated ALM with Cross-Tools Reporting”  

Integrated ALM can be more useful with cross-tools reporting in real time. It enables users to see real time project metrics and quickly tak...

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