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Does your requirements management tool have all that it needs? Enterprises are often on the look-out for that perfect requirements management tool that can meet all their demands effectively and also tackle all issues efficiently. Here is a quick checklist of queries that can help enterprises in their quest for that optimized requirements management tool. Does your requirements tool allows you to create multiple user-defined or custom fields for specific requirements? Can it define and implement processes for requirements and also include your specific definition of a “completed process�? Can the requirements tool prioritize attributes in a structured and dynamic way? Is it flexible enough to be able to accommodate different requirements management philosophies? Does the tool allow requirements traceability links to be setup between changes and other related requirements? Can it easily accommodate for non-conformance of different categories? Can it define a workflow for requirement revision process within the products? Does the tool also offer ways and means to keep track of the costs for each requirement? Does it efficiently show interdependence between several requirements? Can the tool also show a visual hierarchy of requirements?

Requirements Process Automation View

Can it show different views of requirements? Can your tool keep a ready track of who edited a change to the requirements and when? Does it support traceability among different entities? Does your tool also allow viewing of the original creator of a requirement? Is it possible to conduct an impact analysis? Can you trace given requirements to design and source file in version control history with your requirements management tool? What sort of reporting features does the IT Service Management tools have? Can it help create HTML, crystal reports? Can it report on a predicted schedule that is driven from estimated effort as compared to actual effort? Can it assist in producing marketing requirements documents, impact reports, version reports, roadmap reports and also progress reports? Can it define different types of tasks that may be based on different types of activities, priorities and any no of custom fields? Does it allow for assignment of estimated efforts to different tasks? Does the requirements management tool allow for execution of requirement management process to be monitored? Can it schedule tasks by way of using wait nodes, join nodes, delay nodes or by way of using policies? Does it allow for a communication process to exist between the developer and the QA within the context of a given task? Hopefully the above-mentioned queries will make it easy for enterprises to opt for an optimized requirements management tool. Learn More about software development process here .

Does your requirements management tool have all that it needs?