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Developments in IT Service Desk Management Over the past few years, service desks were only assigned to respond and record to user issues that took place in the environment. Today service desk analysts have become more proficient in handling this task. At the same time, the role and scope of the IT service desk has expanded in order to assist a wide range of IT management practices and IT companies need to match their solution to these evolved needs. The modern day service desk operates at the front office of IT and orchestrator of many IT service management activities that are included in ITIL best practices library. The process sections of problem and incident management, configuration management, change management, release management and others need to orchestrated and connected to benefit the service consumer. The IT Service Desk is changing Today the responsibilities of the ITSM tools are changing as well as expanding. The primary responsibility is to improve the consumer satisfaction. This is done by functioning as the single contact point for all the IT customers to maximize the service accessibility, restore services whenever possible and offers business systems assistance. The increased pressure on IT for reducing expenses has placed the service desk front and center as an enterprise that can set up processes that many other enterprises, in and out of IT can utilize. The service desk team therefore becomes the owner and custodian of IT services offered to the line of business. Today eminent service providers of ALM integration have come up with innovative IT service management tools that cater to the changing IT service desk scenario. Some of the selected features include:   

Numerous service requests can be associated to an incident and in such a case, the closure of these requests depends strictly on the closure of linked incidents. The IT help desk software enables various helpdesk procedures and enables the deployment of various workflows even within a single helpdesk interface There is a multi-user conditional resolution capacity that helps numerous helpdesk people to play various roles for various conditions Innovative IT help desk software solutions effortlessly integrates the helpdesk and all other constituents of IT service management tools for instance problem management, change management, release management and incident management.

Numerous itsm service desks today have realized the gap that lies between their present state and an optimal state concerning expenses, user feedback, staffing, scalability and opportunity. Every organization must assess their service desk state to assess how well they have been leveraging the process, people and the technologies available today. Numerous service desk vendors have most of the functionalities today. Hence, it is essential too assess the IT service management offerings from a service provider prior to joining hands with it. Read more about : quality center integration & OSLC integration

Developments in IT Service Desk Management