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Application Lifecycle Management Software- Valuable Asset to Any Organization Application lifecycle management software can be a valuable asset to any organization that designs and develops software as a core competency. ALM Software has always been able to address the increasingly sofistacated needs of user. The features of today’s application lifecycle management software solutions are broad and wide-reaching and provide provides a rich and configurable, global platform for implementing a successful software development lifcycle process (SDLC ) process. The importance of choosing the right solution The process of software development is a highly complex and multi-faceted one, even for the most experienced engineering and IT teams. Although there are many solutions in the market that offer advanced functions to support applications with numerous configurations,it is important to choose the best solution to get the best possible results. An efficient ALM software solution must collaborate on the entire development cycle and trace implementations back to original specs. It must also ensure that all developers are working from the same playbook, regardless of where they are located. The end result must be The result is a top-quality application that matches what the user requires by also complying with all internal and external requirements. How a good solution can benefit your organization With application lifecycle management software, organizations can more successfully manage, control, and monitor the way their software programs are built, implemented, and used. Organizations are also empowered with the necessary agility required to respond to changing customer demands, or address emerging business needs. Some of the other benefits include

Prioritizing Requirements for Releases

An efficient solution provides Product, Marketing and Engineering Management groups a methodical way of analyzing the content of a given release and make sound decisions. This simplifies further buy-in of the outcome and puts all groups in complete harmony moving forward in developing and managing a good product release.

Improved Productivity

Formalizing and automating Application Life cycle Management and enabling reuse of requirements speeds project completion by anywhere from 20 to-30 percent. A good process and methodology allows organizations, either big or small to grow faster and better manage their growth. This consequently results in create good quality and enhanced productivity.

Superior Quality

Having the same version captured and shared by all developers is bound to result in lesser design errors during the implementation cycle. Consequently there is less testing time and almost no reworking of the application after system testing. There could also be savings of nearly 10-20 percent on the total project labor cost. •

Better team collaboration and communication

With a single shared repository enabled through global web-based access to the requirements management information, there will be nil errors due to the distributed teams working with the same specifications. Anyone with the appropriate permission can make changes with automatic notifications sent to other team members very easily. An application lifecycle management software system with feature-rich technology tools can be a valuable asset to any organization. Organizations that that design and develop software, with these

powerful solutions, can ensure that the applications created will effectively address customer needs, and enable the achievement of other mission-critical goals and objectives.

Application Lifecycle Management Software- Valuable Asset to Any Organization