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Thread Velvet



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Designs with Thread Velvet technique # 1-7, 10- 12 Cutting - instructions to finish Thread Velvet Embroidery: To create the thread velvet effect, cut the satin stitch doma the very last underlay of stitches for the best result. To secure the thread for laundering, add textile g4.e threads.

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Stikhrs: 33 174

Height: I 6 4 mm WiL '24mm

Giitermann Sulky

Robison -Anton

x Thread Velvet

Stitches: 26 899 Height: 104 mm With: 121 m m

Gutermann Sulky Robisen h t a n


9< Thread Velvet

Stitches: 24 61; Height: 174 ml Width: 125 mn

Gbtermann Sulky Robison -Anton

9< Thread Velvet

Stitches: 30 394

Height: I76 m m Wdtb: 122 mrn

Giitermann Sulky Robison -Anton

9< Threadvelvet

Stitches: 29 736 Height: 110 m m Width: 115 m m

Giiterrnann Sulky


Robiton Anun


:;: m 900 1




Stitches: 17 858 Height: I01 m m Width:100 m m

GUtermann Sulky Robison h t o n


Design #2

Giitermann Sulky


Robiion Anton

.Stitches: 11 506 Height: I45 rnrn Width: I22 rnm


m::;; 4 m; ;;; 5 m; :;;


Giiterrnann Sulky Robison -Anton

Stitches: 12 95 Heigbt: 145 m Width: 124 m

Giitermann Sulky Robison -Anton

Stitches: 7 738 Height: 121 mm Widh: 122 mm

Giitermann Sulky

Robkon -Anton

LSfZ [llO $ LLI I

Z6EZ rn t;: m EL': m w, SLI I



Stitches: 10 896 Height: 176 mm Width: 97 mm

Giitermann Sulky RoMson -Anton

Stitches: 7 821 Height: 176mm Width: 124mm

Gutermann Sulky Robison -Anton

ac ket

Sewing supplies Husqvarna Viking Embroidery machine Burda pattern 8053 of a fitted jacket Brown raw silk fabric for the jacket (see pattern for amount) Dark brown silk fabric for piping Lining for the jacket (see pattern for amount) 3/8 yard (35x35) cm of brown silk fabric (for the piping) 20" (50 cm) of fusible interfacing (Soft VlieselineB) 1pair of shoulder pads 1 yard (70 cm) of piping cord 40 weight rayon Embroidery Thread Brown sewing thread matching the fabric

Husqvarna Viking Accessories Embroidery collection 191-Thread Velvet 413 00 11-01 Mega Hoop 412 62 55-02 Piping Foot 411 85 10-45 Clear Seam Guide Foot 413 03 48-45 Tear Away Stabilizer Husqvarna Viking 4D software (optional) You can find these and many other accessories in the Husqvarna Viking Accessory User's Guide or on our website, for purchase at your nearest Husqvarna Viking Dealer. Seam allowance: See pattern instructions! Trace and cut out the pattern for chosen size for the Jacket A onto pattern paper and cut out. Note: Follow the instructions below to add the embroidered cuff with piping.

Cuff: - Cut 7" (18 cm) off the sleeve pattern pieces at the lower edge. (ill. 1)

(ill. 1)

For two cuffs cut four pieces 8 1 / 4 x 11 3/4" (19,5 x 293 cm). This includes a 5/8" (1,5 cm) seam allowance on all sides. (ill. 2) (ill. 2)

- Cut 2 strips of the dark brown silk tkbric on the M 5 1.6" x 14" (4 x 35 cm). This is for covering the piping cord. - For cutting the jacket continue to follow the p m r n instructions.


(ill. 4)

- Mark the right front piece as shown and hoop it in your Mega Hoop with Tear Away stabilizer underneath. (ill. 3)

- Select design # 6, duplicate the design, place the two designs in a row over each other (instructions for duplicating see your User's Guide.) - Embroider. (ill. 4)

- For making the single butterfly on the sleeve cuff, use the 4D software to cut out one butterfly (for instructions see the 4D User's Guide). You can also use the entire design, for placement of the designs on the cuff see illustration. (ill. 5)

-When finished cut the embroidery threads to make a chenille effect (for instructions see the embroidery booklet) (ill. 5)

Sew Sleeve and Cuff:

- Snap on the Clear Seam Guide Foot for an even seam allowance. Sew the pieces for the cuff right sides together but leave the one long edge open for turning. Trim the excess seam allowance. Turn right side out. Press. Sew the open edges together with a basting stitch, (touch Baste on sewing advisor)

- Snap on the Piping Foot. To create the piping, cover the cord with the strips of dark brown silk fabric. Select straight stitch needle position one step to the right. Sew. (ill. 6)

- Sew the back seam of the sleeve. Press the seam allowances open. - Pin and sew the piping along the lower edge of the sleeve.

- Place the cuff on top of the piping at the sleeve edge, right sides together and matching raw edges. The cuff should match the sleeve at each end. Select center needle position. Stitch in place using the piping foot. (ill. 7)

Sew the underarm seams of the sleeve.

- Continue sewing the jacket according to the pattern instructions.

(ill. 6)


7hread Velvet Cut jumpstitch, trimcommand for Designer SE

Husqvarna 191 Thread Velvet  

Husqvarna 191 Thread Velvet машинная вышивка Жанр: машинная вышивка Описание: производитель Husqvarna

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