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Before Frost/Nixon there was Douglas/Nixon

The National Women’s Law Center and our Host Committee Ann Beaudry, Linda Douglass & John Phillips, Royal Kennedy & Johnathan Rodgers, Linda Lipsett & Jules Bernstein, Patricia O’Brien & Frank Mankiewicz, Judith & Milton Viorst, and Janet & Rep. Henry Waxman Invite you to a Benefit reading of


Written by Wendy Kout & Michele Willens Starring Wendie Malick…Helen Gahagan Douglas                             James Naughton…………...Melvyn Douglas Patrick Breen.………………....Richard Nixon  Michael Dutra.LBJ, JFK & Everyone Else Tuesday, June 16 Play Reading 7:00 p.m.  Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company 641 D Street, NW Washington, D.C.  Tickets $50 reading only, $100 with JUST DESSERTS reception. Buy your tickets now!  For more information, contact Nancy Delahoyd at 202-588-5180 or .

The National Women’s Law Center has been at the forefront of our nation’s major legal and policy initiatives to improve the lives of women and their families since 1972. The Center’s victories have expanded the possibilities for virtually every woman and girl in the country, addressing issues that cut to the core of women’s lives in education, employment, health, and family economic security. The National Women's Law Center is a 501(c)(3) organization. Your contribution above the $25 value of the ticket is tax deductible.

Don't Blame Me, I Voted for Helen Gahagan Douglas  

Benefit play reading for National Women's Law Center, Washington D.C.

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