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Timmy Saves the Day

Venky Bharadwaj Daniel Lee Matt Hyer Kourtney Wright

Timmy Saves the Day Venky Bharadwaj Daniel Lee Matt Hyer Kourtney Wright Created for Dr. Hunter’s English 1102 Class

For all the Timmys of the world.

Timmy was mischievous ten-year-old boy in the year 2154 who liked to run and play.

He liked to have fun at others’ expense and play pranks on people.

Timmy was particularly fond of taking things that weren't his without permission.

Timmy’s mother, Dr. Turner, was an engineer working for the government on a project called the Memory Keeper.

The Memory Keeper was a device that allowed a person to think of one thing or event and produced information on that subject.

Timmy knew that he wasn't allowed in the lab at home but he couldn't resist going in to take a look at the Memory Keeper.

His mother warned him to stay away from her inventions because agents from MemoryTech have been looking for ways to get their hands on her work.

When his mother wasn't around Timmy taught himself how to use the device and realized he could remember every detail of his favorite candy store near his house right down the where the cameras were.

Timmy devised a plan to steal some candy from the store and left the house as soon as he was ready.

Timmy followed the details the Memory Keeper helped him remember and began getting his favorite candy from the shelves.

As he made his way out of the store, Timmy spotted the MemoryTech agents his mother always warned him about and began to run.

Timmy ran all the way home to find his mom, but when he gets close enough, he sees his mom being taken by two men so he panics.

He went to his room and began to cry. After Timmy calmed down, he realized he needed to save his mom.

After learning all he could about MemoryTech, Timmy made his way their headquarters in an old tower and looked for a way in.

Timmy walked around for a while before he got an idea of where his mom was.

Dr. Turner and Timmy barely escaped the MemoryTech agents after fighting them off.

Timmy realized that as long as he held onto this powerful device, he’d be putting his mom and himself in danger, so he got rid of the Memory Keeper.

Timmy understood how bad it was to steal after his mother was “stolen” from him, and decided he wouldn’t steal anymore. He also realized that no one needed to posses the power of the Memory Keeper. Even after learning his lesson, Timmy’s mother still grounded him for a month for not listening to her in the first place.

Timmy Saves the Day  

Children's Book

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