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The Timeless Tulip Marble Dining Table by the Famous Eero Saarinen Eeron Sarinen was the modern side of his associate, Charles Eames. While Charles Eames continued to work with curved plywood, Saarinen abruptly moved on to produce one-of-akind designs using a whole lot of different materials. His Pedestal Group of furniture became widely recognized as the modern classic. This series of furniture will surely never go out of style. The eero saarinen tulip table and Tulip Chair furniture designs were initially manufactured with molded plastic with a single leg in the center with a circular base for full support. An amazing fact about this furniture is that it was used in the original series of Star Trek, a famous sci-fi movie. This certainly adds a positive effect on the furniture. They continue to be desired by many furniture designers even after decades of the first manufacture of the tulip marble dining table and other pieces of the Saarinen Tulip furniture. Reproductions of the Marble Dining Table When making the original tulip dining table or the white tulip table, Saarinen's goal was to design a collection that will "clear up the slum of legs in the U.S. home". Right after the production, it became iconic. Countless tables and other pieces of furniture have been reproductions of the Tulip Collection. Even if you’re looking for something modern or vintage, the works well in both ways which makes it the smart choice. They’re available in different sizes of marble tops to meet your preferences. When you go over the internet or furniture shops, you'll see countless online companies and shops offering tulip furniture replicas. Most inspired tulip marble dining tables feature a marble top and an aluminum-wrapped base. This just proves how the Tulip Collection influenced a lot of people. The tulip tables can be used in the dining room, the living room, and even in the office lunch room.

The Timeless Tulip Marble Dining Table by the Famous Eero Saarinen  

Saarinen was the contemporary side of his partner,...