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On erev Rosh Chodesh Sivan, the day the Shela”h O H Hakadosh declared to be auspicious for davening on behalf of one’s children, the Gedolei Hador will daven and recite Tefilas HaShela”h on behalf of contributors to Kupat Ha’ir and their children.

A Rare a Uni nd Op que p o r t u n i t y !

Kulam Ke’echad on the eis ratzon of erev Rosh Chodesh Sivan

Openiing the Gates of Salvation Every year, the segulah returns to us. Some families await it eagerly, practically from erev Shavuos of the previous year. 91 perutos, adding to reach twice the numerical equivalent of the word ben = 104 coins, one hundred and four messengers ascending to Shamayim to open the gates of yeshuah. So much has already been said about this ancient, holy segulah. So many people have tried to learn its secret, its power. It is not our job to plumb the depths of the hidden Torah. Rather, we follow in the path forged for us by our Gedolim - and merit yeshuos. “We waited six years,” a Yid from abroad writes in a touching fax that just came in to Kupat Ha’ir. ‘Then we saw your brochure, contributed ‘104’ according to

the instructions and davened. This coming Friday night, we will, with Hashem’s help, be celebrating our eldest son’s shalom zachor.” There are so many such letters filed away in folders at Kupat Ha’ir. Many of them are small squares of paper containing just a few words: We contributed 104 coins to Kupat Ha’ir on erev Shavuos and we merited an immediate yeshuah, or similar variations of the same. Each such memo contains months and years of waiting and longing, difficulties, disappointments, hot tears, fervent prayers and – tremendous chessed from Hashem in the form of a baby girl or boy who fills a home with light and joy.

Yeeshuoss foor Others

Th he checck co onttrib butted by Maran a Hag aga aon n Harav v Sh hmuel Ha alevii Wo osn ner, ssh hlit”a a, fo or th he seeg gulah h off Ra Rav v Chaim m Pala Pala agi on ere erev ev Sh hav vuoss 57769..

It is extremely touching that in so many homes on erev Shavuos, people perform the segulah, giving of their own money and davening from the bottom of their hearts – on behalf of neighbors, cousins, acquaintances. More people perform the segulah on behalf of others

than on their own behalf. “They’ve been waiting for so many years already. Two years ago, they contributed on their own behalf. Last year, we contributed for them - but the long-awaited miracle has yet to occur. Maybe we need 40 families to perform the same segulah on the same erev Shavuos for this family.” This last sentence was said with a smile, but beyond the smile lay a deep sense of hope that yes, if forty families would perform the segulah and daven from the bottom of their hearts – even the toughest of decrees would disintegrate. It just couldn’t be otherwise! The power of Yidden doing everything in their power to help a fellow Jew is formidable indeed. Itt is so movin ing n to think ab boutt what goess on in n Sh S ama ayim on n errev Shav avuo u s, whe hen he eaps of “pack kages” of 104 per erutoss asccend ev ven hig ghe er, flooding th he wo world d with tzedak kah, chessed, sen nsittivitt y to the paiin of others an nd th t e joy of neeedy ta alm midei chach ch ham mim m. Hakado dosh sh Barucch Hu is a kind Kin i g and d He wantss to sho ower uss with goodneesss on n this holy Yo om Tov v celeb bratin ng th the day we accep eptted hiss To orah h and d becam me hiss natio on. Th hesee packag ges rip apart harssh decre ees, rellax x mid das ha adin and d allow merccy and comp passsio on a ch hance to o speeak.


Maran Hagaon Harav Aharon Leib Steinman, shlit”a, contributing 104 coins to Kupat Ha’ir with a preprepared bag of 104 individual coins on erev Shavuos 5769.

Frrom Kiseei Din too Kissei Rachamim m These “packages” of 104 perutos convert midas hadin into midas harachamim. They divert the regular route of midas hadin and allow midas harachamim to do what has never been done before. How much joy is generated from this, both here on earth and up in Shamayim! How much happiness, how much chessed! The world fills with chessed! It is with good reason that Megilas Rus is read on Shavuos. The megillah is all chessed and Torah is all chessed. This segulah is the practical expression of that chessed in this world! And d in the e meantim me, e in other hom mes, peoplle contin inue in waittin i g fo for er e ev Shavuos os. Ev Ever eryo yon ne knows stori ries about people lee who ho merited yeshuos – some of who hom m he knows person nal a ly and n som o e he’s heard about from m othe hers. Itt is now s ven yeear se a s si sinc n e Ku K pat Ha’ir publicized ed the e segu ul ulah and d already cllas al a sroo oms m ful u l of boys and gi girls could be be forme ed just s from ch children n born as a res esul ultt , ken yirbu. Hundreds Hu of fam milies with h da d rk, em mpt pty homes aree now bath th hed in ligh ht in joy th thanks to th he performance off this segu ula lah h.

Maran Hagaon Harav Michel Yehudah Lefkowitz, shlit”a, contributing 104 coins to Kupat Ha’ir with a preprepared bag of 104 individual coins on erev Shavuos 5769.


The Nadvorner Rebbe, shlit”a, contributing 104 coins to Kupat Ha’ir with a pre-prepared bag of 104 individual coins on erev Shavuos 5769.

Maran Hagaon Harav Chaim Kanievsky, shlit”a, contributing 104 coins to Kupat Ha’ir with a pre-prepared bag of 104 individual coins on erev Shavuos 5769.

The Gedolei Hador were asked about this matter as well. Is it proper to perform segulos, do they really have power beyond the power of tefilah, can a segulah overturn a decree or hasten a yeshuah – all these questions were brought to the gedolei hador, who discussed them at length. The basic response was as follows: A.Rav Chaim Falagi, Rav of Izmir and one of the gedolei hador two hundred years ago, a giant in both the revealed and the hidden Torah, does not need our haskamah. B. The segulah is a mitzvah in its own right; the money goes to needy and humble Torah scholars. The power of this mitzvah is inestimable. C. Performing the segulah specifically through Kupat Ha’ir enhances and augments its power and ensures that the part about the money going to a “poor and humble Torah scholar,’ a condition of the segulah – be carried out in the best manner possible. Lasst year, th he ged dolei hador added tha h t the th seg gulah of Rav Ch haim m Falag gi, zt”ll, is hel elpfull in an ny area a. Marran Hag gaon Harrav Miich hel Yeh hudah h Leff kowi witz, shlit”a, a, ded edicat atted th he segul u ah fo or a refua ah shl hlleima mah for a baby girll in his family y who wa as su ufffering from m an eyee ailment. Immed ediate t ly y afterr Shavu uos, th he baby meritted a co omplete recovery.

Ju ustt Foolllow w Their Actioonss! T hiis yea ar – insteead d of answe werin ng quesstio onss and makiing g exp planattions,, thee gedoleii hado or have deccided d to perforrm thee segullah in n a man nner th tha at willl make the eir opinio on on thee matter ab bund danttly clear. Eight gedolei hador have performed the segulah, down to the tiny details, specifically via Kupat Ha’ir, with little bags of money prepared by Kupat Ha’ir for this purpose. Not only did they perform the segulah, they also added a heartfelt prayer and showered other contributors who would contribute their 104 coins to Kupat Ha’ir with great blessings. A particularly poignant scene took place this year at the home of Maran Hagaon Harav Aharon Leib Steinman, shlit”a. Maran purchased with his own money a bag of coins prepared by Kupat Ha’ir. The bag contained 91 coins and an additional bag of 13 coins. He added one bag to another and contributed the coins to Kupat ha’ir. The air was charged with emotion; it was clear that performing the segulah was of great significance to him. When he finished, Maran said, “in the merit of having contributed 104 coins to Kupat Ha’ir, may all the tzaros I heard about today merit a yeshuah!” Those present were astounded. They looked at one another in amazement. Each of them tried to remember who had been there earlier that day, which tzaros Harav Steinman had heard that morning. Some people had certainly spoken to him after davening or after Maran’s shiur. They may have exchanged no more than two words. Who knew what had been whispered into his ear?

A On nce-in n-a-Lifetiime Prromisee “S Should I write do down the date?” someeon o e as asked qu uickly. “Maran,, shlit” t”a’s words carry tremen ndous us wei eigh ei g t in Shama ay ayim. With h Hashem’s help, we will ye et he ear wh ho had the merit of being here today, of unburdenin ng hi his he eart to Mara an, shl hlit”a ”a – and of meri riti ting ng, wi w thout even kno owing g it – such ch h a powerful prom mis ise!” Th he datte was Tuesd day, 25 Iyar, 5769. Those se of you wh who vi v sitted te Ma n on Maran n that da ay – rejoice and be uplifte ed! d In the face of the excitement of those present, Maran added, “And whoever contributes on erev Shavuos – may he, too, have a yeshuah!” Wee need do o nothiing morre th than an repea at thesee marv vel e ous wo ord ds: “Who oever contri co ibutes on ereev Shav av vuo u s – may he e, to oo, ha ave e a yesh huah!” Maran Hagaon Harav Michel Yehudah Lefkowitz, shlit”a, too, was very emotional as he performed the segulah. “In the merit of these 104 coins that we have contributed to Kupat Ha’ir,” he said, “may all those who need a yeshuah be helped.” The Rachmastrivka Rebbe, shlit”a, withdrew from his wallet a one hundred bill and another four coins, with which he purchased the bag of coins from Kupat Ha’ir and performed the segulah. “Tzedek tzedek tirdof,” he said. “This segulah is tzedakah that brings more tzedakah in its wake. This tzedakah returns to the contributor and helps him as well!” Maran Hagaon Harav Chaim Kanievsky, shlit”a, withdrew one hundred and four coins and purchased one of Kupat Ha’ir’s ready bags in order to perform the segulah. This was his way of emphasizing the extreme importance he sees in performing the segulah specifically via Kupat Ha’ir, for all the right reasons, especially the specific one that with Kupat Ha’ir, one can be certain that the money will, with Hashem’s help, reach a poor and humble talmid chacham. The Lelover Rebbe, zt”l, davened with great kavanah and fervor that evoked much excitement and emotion among all those present at the time. When he finished, the Rebbe added, “In the merit of this contribution, may all childless couples merit righteous children, yeshuos and nechamos!” Once again, these words spread quickly and a number of people were dispatched to inform various childless couples of the Rebbe’s holy words. The Nadvorner Rebbe and the Rebbe of Chernobyl, shlit”a, too, performed the segulah with passion and fervor and then prayed on behalf of contributors to Kupat Ha’ir and blessed them warmly.

The Bags Are Ready And now – now all that is left is to wait for erev Shavuos. The bags have already been prepared and distributed to the


The Lelover Rebbe, zt”l, contributing 104 coins to Kupat Ha’ir with a preprepared bag of 104 individual coins on erev Shavuos 5769.

The Rebbe of Chernobyl, shlit”a, contributing 104 coins to Kupat Ha’ir with a preprepared bag of 104 individual coins on erev Shavuos 5769.

The lashon of the segulah:

‫י‬ ‫ע"א‬


‫אג'י‬ ‫אל‬

‫ביו‬ ‫א‬

“On erev Shavuos,

‫של‬ ‫רבי חיים פ‬

One should set aside 91 perutos and than add until twice the numerical equivalent of the word ben And give them to a poor and humble Torah scholar.This is a tikkun for Adam Harishon and Chet Ha’egel and the pgam habris

And this is a segulah for childless people And it hastens the geulah.

Remembered fondly is the wealthy man…who would distribute a large sum to all the modest Torah scholars on erev Shavuos with happiness and joy, including my own relatives… I have mentioned their names so that others should see their actions and do the same, each man in his place. I have already written in my small sefer “Tochachas Chaim” of the inyan of the obligation to support Torah scholars on Shavuos more than on any other holiday” Hagaon Harav Chaim Falagi in his sefer Mo’ed Lechol Chai, siman 8, se’if 6

homes of the rabbanim accepting contributions on behalf of Kupat Ha’ir. These mitzvah bags, counted and prepared by loving hands, are waiting to have

the segulah performed through them so that the gates of heaven will open wide. They’re waiting for those who want to perform the segulah exactly in the same manner it was performed by the gedolei hador. A special meeting of rabbanim has taken place to create a list of needy and humble talmidei chachamim to receive the money that comes in from people performing Rav Chaim Falagi’s segulah. They’re all truly worthy, due to both their poverty and their character traits.

The rabbanim know them all personally and can vouch for them being humble Torah scholars. Just imagine the simchas hachag that will take place in these homes when they receive a special stipend in honor of Yom Tov. (Some families are not even aware that they are the beneficiaries of public assistance. These families will receive the money in any one of various clever methods that will put them at ease and spare them distress.) And just imagine the distress the rabbanim will feel after Yom Tov when they see the list of Torah scholars who did not receive the stipend…


Drawin ng Hashem’s Goodn ness Doown to Earth Could it be that this year, everyone on the list will receive a stipend? Maybe. Hope affords us a lot of strength. The envelopes are already addressed. The messengers have been appointed. All that remains is for contributions to come in… And come in they will. Undoubtedly they will come in. We don’t know how many will come in, true, but we can sense the expectation in the air, the tension, the public’s desire to contribute and merit yeshuos. “Aside from the 104 perutos we contribute in order to draw Hashem’s chessed upon us, we would like to contribute once again solely lesheim Shamayim,” a family once told Kupat Ha’ir. “We’re so touched by the fact that these contributions go specifically to poor and humble talmidei chachamim on erev Shavuos, the Yom Tov that marks Hashem’s giving of the Torah. We don’t want a business deal; we don’t want tit-for-tat; we want to contribute and rejoice in the knowledge that we helped talmidei chachamim”. They did not submit names for tefillah. We at Kupat Ha’ir were very touched. We couldn’t think how to close the gates of yeshuos to them, couldn’t think how to block the yeshuos that would surely rain down upon them – but we were touched by their sincerity, goodwill and purity. “But this isn’t a business deal, ”Maran Hagaon Harav Yaakov Edelstein told us. “Even when you contribute explicitly for a yeshuah, the pure intentions of tzedakah for its own sake are still there, and that gives Hashem nachas ruach”. Thee Ga Gates of Sha h mayim are open wide. Erev Shav vuo os, th he he tim me of preparrat a ion for kabbalas haT Torah, is a pow owerfful fu tim me. Ev E eryone’s preparing; everyo one’s excited ed. We offfer ff m our best te tefil fi los, learn nin ing and tzed daka ah. Hasshem Rav Ch hai a m Falagi’s segulah plays a ver ery im impo ortant role amo ong n all this. It is a tzedakah th thatt is fo ollowed ll by yet more tzedakah ass it ope pens th he gates of yeshuos wide. e.

Rav Dovid Abuchatzeira, shlit”a, contributing 104 coins to Kupat Ha’ir with a preprepared bag of 104 individual coins on erev Shavuos 5769..

The Rachmastrivka Rebbe, shlit”a, contributing 104 coins to Kupat Ha’ir with a preprepared bag of 104 individual coins on erev Shavuos 5769..

You are the child of the Gedolei Hador. Kupat Ha’ir is arranging a unique event at which the Gedolei H d will recite the tefillah penned by the saintly Shela”h Hador 400 years ago, a tefillah for parents to recite on behalf of their h i children. hild Th The G Gedolei d l iH Hador d are your parents t and d you are th the child they’re davening for!

A Holy, Auspicious Time Erev Rosh Chodesh Sivan. All over the world, Yidden recite with great emotion the ancient, saintly prayer penned by the saintly Shela”h some four hundred years ago specifically for this auspicious time. Erev Rosh Chodesh is a Yom Din, a “mini Yom Kippur.” It is a day upon which the record books are opened and a spirit of forgiveness and eis ratzon rests upon the world. The month of Sivan, the month of the giving of the Torah, is a holy time. Erev Rosh Chodesh Sivan is a Yom Kippur of ruchniyus, of Torah, of spiritual ascension and closeness to Hashem and His mitzvos. The saintly Shela”h, the leader of all of Klal Yisrael in his time both in the revealed Torah and the hidden

Torah, penned a heartfelt tefillah for this special time, erev Rosh Chodesh Sivan.

An Inspiring, Heartfelt Tefillah This tefillah, composed mainly for fathers and mothers to recite on behalf of their offspring, touches a deep chord in the heart of every Jew. Ruchniyus and gashmiyus, present and future, good health, an abundant livelihood, shidduchim, marital harmony, success – it’s all there. Aside from the open, obvious requests, far deeper, more hidden bakashos surface. Even people who have no understanding of the hidden Torah can sense that this tefillah enters Shamayim through other, more hidden gates. When a Jewish mother recites these holy words in a pleading voice, davening for her children, her soul claves to her Father in heaven. When a Jewish father pleads on behalf of his offspring, he’s offering the very essence of his heart; it’s as if he’s bringing a korban. How great are these moments; how deep and overflowing are these sentiments!

The sense of tense expectation on erev Rosh Chodesh spreads from one person to another, from one family to the next. People set aside a few minutes of time just for this purpose. They take their phones off the hook, switch h off ff their th ir cell phones. phones There are no door, no faxes coming in or going knocks on the door out. Everyone’s attention is focused on becoming one with the Ribono shel Olam through this special tefillah.

Can parents afford to miss this great day, this auspicious time? No way. No one is capable of denying his beloved children this wonderful gift, this uplifting tefillah for their physical and spiritual wellbeing, for their future, for their success in life, for their happiness and good fortune, for their future homes and children…

Everything on Behalf of the Children’s Neshamos Parents do everything for their children. They sit at their bedsides when they burn with fever, hold their hands when they go through the chicken pox, cradle them when they suffer an earache, accompany them to the dentist and provide loving support and encouragement while there.

nd with excitement when their Their hearts pound children start first grade and they offer up a fervent prayer when they begin high school. They ache along with them when they fall and scrape their knees on the pavement and wipe their tears when they do poorly on a test. They console them when their report card is not the greatest and nearly die of fright when there’s a threat to their safety. Parents are there for their children when they endure the inevitable social difficulties all children do at some point or another. They sympathize when

their son has trouble adjusting to yeshivah dorm life and have butterflies in their stomach when their daughter delivers her first model i shidduch hidduch suggestions suggestions, check lesson. They receive them out and listen carefully and attentively, offering ff support and d wise suggestions. They’ Th ’re there for the flowers and gifts as well as for the doubts and fears. They’re there when the time comes to walk them down the aisle and when the grandchildren are born. Parents are there all the time. They’re constantly at their children’s side. Actively, in spirit, financially. One can never divorce a child. Children are a part of us, a larger part than we ourselves are.

The Gedolei Hador carry Am Yisrael in their arms the way a nursemaid carries a baby – with love, compassion and concern. Their gaze is far-reaching and they take everything into consideration when helping us reach h decisionsd ffuture, d ffi l d h d h present and difficulties and hardships, spiritual fortitude and physical strength. The Gedolei Hador are the spiritual parents of our entire nation. They are our leaders, they pave the way for us, they greet the incoming generations, cultivating them and supervising their growth.

The tefilas haShela”h is all this rolled into one! Everything in the world at once, with the only type of hishtadlus for which there is full compensation for every blink of the eye, every glistening tear, every quiver of the heart: true prayer to Hashem above, tefillah to He Who can truly help, Who can truly grant success and prevent anguish and banish pain and distress.

Did you ever wonder why the Gedolei Hador invest so much time and effort, even taking off time from the hours devoted to Torah study or public service and sometimes departing from their usual custom – for the sake of Kupat Ha’ir? Why is it that they’re prepared to devote the holiest, most auspicious times of the year for contributors to Kupat Ha’ir? The answer is that they want to strengthen Kupat Ha’ir as much as possible so that it will be able to provide for all those who seek its assistance.

This exalted time during which the Tefilas HaShela”h is recited is the essence of parenthood. The best of the best, the very peak.

The Gedolei Hador are parents and they recite the Shela”h’s prayer – for you! And this tefillah, from the Gedolei Hador – for you, contributors, is Kupat Ha’ir’s gift to its contributors.

And contributors to Kupat Ha’ir are the spiritual children of the Gedolei Hador.

Kupat Ha’ir is Crucial for Our Generation The Gedolei Hador do this with unmatched love and devotion, because Kupat Ha’ir is the guardian of chareidi Jewry in Eretz Yisrael. Without it, beautiful families would break apart and precious children would tumble out into the streets without anyone to care for them. The tzaros come in droves, the economic situation is deteriorating steadily and more and more families keep joining

the ranks of the the th needy. n eedy. eedy Kupat Ha’ir is keeping matters at bay. Kupat Ha’ir is preventing matters from spinning out of control as it helps families get back on track. The Gedolei Hador are aware of Kupat Ha’ir’s activities. They know it up close and personal from their position as its managers who make every decision, big or small. They are aware of how crucial a role it plays, how critically it is needed. They know that it is a matter of pikuach nefesh for our nation, for our generation.

Maran Hagaon Harav Aharon Leib Steinman, Mara shlit”a, Maran Hagaon Harav Michel Yehudah shlit”a Lefkowitz, shlit”a, Maran Hagaon Harav Nissim Lefko L Karelitz, shlit”a, the Nadvorner Rebbe, shlit”a, Kare K Maran Hagaon Harav Chaim Kanievsky, Mar M shlit”a, the Rebbe of Chernobyl, shlit”a, the sshlit Rachmastrivker Rebbe, shlit”a and Maran Rabi Rach R Dovid Abuchatzeira, shlit”a – eight great lights Dov D this generation will all clear their schedules of th o aand recite the Tefilas HaShela”h with great fervor aat tthe very same time on Thursday Erev Rosh Chodesh Sivan on behalf of contributors to Kupat Cho Ha’ir. What a event that will be! What an event! Eight fiery torches ascending heavenward, eight pure hearts beseeching the King of Kings. One heartrending prayer, saintly and pure, soaring upwards simultaneously from eight pure mouths on the auspicious time of erev Rosh Chodesh Sivan. And who will they be davening for? On whose behalf will they plead?

Anyone who supports Kupat Ha’ir, anyone who contributes anyone who acts as a partner – becomes the apple of the Gedolei Hador’s eye.

For you!

And when the Gedolei Hador recite the tefillah on behalf of themselves and their children – it is only natural that contributors to Kupat Ha’ir are in the list right along with their biological children!

You are the one standing in the center. You, the contributor to Kupat Ha’ir.

They feel as parents to contributors! They feel responsible for them; they want to see them happy and successful!

Eight Fiery Torches Eight Gedolei Hador, eight fiery torches, Eight pillars upon which the world rests – will simultaneously recite Tefilas HaShela”h on behalf of contributors to Kupat Ha’ir.

On yours!

It is upon you that their tefillah will center. It is for you that they will shed tears, your happiness and success they long for – and Hakodosh Baruch Hu will see that! How great these moments will be, how exalted! Just think of the holiness that will envelop the world at that moment, boosting the tefillos higher and higher! For you! The holy words of the Tefilas HaShela”h cry out all on their own, they pray themselves… “And so I come before You… and I cast my supplication before You… grant me sons and daughters and may they, too, be fruitful and multiply – they and their children and their grandchildren until the end of all

generations – so that they and I might be engrossed in Your holy Torah…fulfilling all the words of Your Torah’s teaching with love..” Picture Maran Hagaon Harav Aharon Leib Steinman, shlit”a, reciting this prayer on behalf of you and your children! That you merit sons and daughters and that they, too, be fruitful and multiply, and that all of you, the whole tribe, until the arrival of Moshiach, be osek beTorah and mitzvos, all of you loyal to Hashem and His Torah! Is there anyone among us who is not concerned for the chinuch of his offspring? In today’s materialistic generation, as secular culture seeps insidiously into our midst – who is complacent about his children’s spiritual welfare? But Maran Harav Steinman, shlit”a, will pray for you, that in your family, everyone remain loyal to Torah and mitzvos forever and ever… “Grant us all long and blessed life” – Maran Hagaon Harav Chaim Kanievsky, shlit”a, will say these holy words on your behalf, contributors to Kupat Ha’ir. A long and blessed life! For you, for your children, for your family!

“Remember us for eternal life” – life in the World to Come. Maran Hagaon Harav Michel Yehudah Lefkowitz, shlit”a, will plead on your behalf “that my children and grandchildren be upright offspring …” Can you fathom an event at which Harav Lefkowitz prays, his eyes streaming hot tears – and you know that those fervent prayers are for you?! Maran the Nadvorner Rebbe, shlit”a, will say “May they become people of Torah, masters of Mikra (Scripture), masters of Mishna, masters of Talmud…” What a blessing; what a blessing! Has anyone ever merited so lofty a string of blessings from the Gedolei Vetzaddikei Hador, shlit”a? Maran Rabbi Dovid Abuchatzeira, shlit”a, will rap on the gates of Shamayim and request that your offspring be “people of sterling character, and may they serve You with love and with truth, internalized fear of Heaven,” and you’ll be able to look at the family you’ve raised, or that you will yet merit to raise, and see the amazing influence of these blessings on your offspring! Maran the Rachmastrivker Rebbe, shlit”a will cry out on behalf of you and your children, “Please give each individual among my descendants all their needs in an honorable fashion,

To the Gedolei and Tzaddikei Hador, Shlit”a With Hashem’s help, I have given tzedakah to worthy aniyim – to Kupat Ha’ir – according to the directive of the saintly Shela”h. I have contributed ___. Please pray on my behalf and on that of all my children When you recite the holy tefillah of the

Shela”h Hakadosh and grant them health, honor, strength, and give them stature, beauty, charm and kindness.!” What more could one ask for? What more? Good health and strength, stature, beauty, charm and kindness! Charm in the eyes of people, kindness from Hashem, long life, a good and blessed life… Maran Hagaon Harav Nissim Karelitz, shlit”a, will request, “Answer me, Hashem, please answer me, assist the offspring so that they grow to be branches which reflect their roots,” and Maran the Rebbe of Chernobyl, shlit”a, will daven on your behalf, “Provide for them proper mates from families of Torah scholars and righteous, G-dfearing Jews. And may their mates also be blessed with everything I have asked You to grant them…” One’s heart overflows with emotion at the very prospect of such a scene! Not only will each fiery torch, each pillar of the world, each Gadol Hador, shlit”a, recite one particular part of the prayer on your behalf – but each of them will recite the entire tefillah! This

On the day he determined Erev Rosh Chodesh Sivan at the unique tefillah you will recite on behalf of contributors to Kupat Ha’ir and their children. Name: ___________________________________ Request: _________________________________ Name: ___________________________________ Request: _________________________________ Names may be submitted to our telephone hotline until 11:00 p.m. on Wednesday, 28 Iyar, May 12

1-866-221-9352 With a contribution of $120 per family.

lengthy string of blessings will pour po out of eight pure and saintly hearts at once – on your behalf, dear contributors to Kupat Ha’ir! All this on the holy day of erev Rosh Chodesh Sivan, the very day that the Shela”h himself declared to be an auspicious time for the recitation of this tefillah. The very day that every Jewish parent waits for each year in anticipation that the combined power of the auspicious day and the holy tefillah penned by the Shela”h will surely move mountains. On this day, the Gedolei Hador will pray for you, dear contributors, and for your children.

One more less-well-known point. The saintly Shela”h wrote that before reciting the tefillah, one should give charity to worthy aniyim. The Gedolei Hador have testified that when you contribute to Kupat Ha’ir, every cent of your money goes to extremely worthy Yidden and that the gabba’im are trustworthy as Rabbi Chanina ben Tradayon. It is clear that the tefillah is more readily accepted when the Shla”h’s words are carried out to the letter and tzedakah is given to worthy aniyim – to Kupat Ha’ir – after which the Gedolei Hador will recite the powerful prayer. There is nothing more to add – nor is there any need to.

May we all be zocheh!

The Best of All Worlds 1. On erev Rosh Chodesh Sivan, the day determined by the Shel”ah Hakadosh. 2. Recitation of Tefilas HaShela”h by eight Gedolei Hador simultaneously with the approach of nightfall especially on behalf of contributors to Kupat Ha’ir. 3. After the dispensation of tzedakah to worthy aniyim – to Kupat Ha’ir – in accordance with the Shela”h’s instructions. 4. The names of contributors and their children will be presented one by one along with their accompanying requests to the Gedolei and Tzaddikei Hador, shlit”a, that they be included in their prayer.



....... ............................................................................. The sum of ................................... nths ............................................................ mo On a monthly basis, For ..... ............................................................................. One time donation ....... ...... ............................................................................. Credit card # ................................... ..... .............. CVC ................................................. Expiration date ............................ ......... ............................................................................. Name ................................................. .......... ............................................................................. Address .......................................... .... ............................................................................. Tel ............................................................... ..... ............................................................................. Signature: ..........................................


........................................................................... Name ................................................. ........................................................................... Address: .......................................... ........................................................................ City, State & Zip............................ .......................................................................... Phone #:............................................. ... ny Months:......................................... Amount:...................... How ma ....................................................................... Bank Routing #: ............................ ....................................... #:......................................................................... Account ............................................................................ Signature: ...................................

Donations can be sent to: Kupat Hair 4415 14th Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11219

days l e s o K e at th To merit this special segulah: 1. Seend nd the he nam ame to be pr p ayyed for o alo long on ngg wiitth the moth ther’s nam ame an nd a sp spec e ifi ec ificc requ reequ q es est. t Up tto o3 names may be be sen nt. t. 2. Name mes may mes ay be sub bmi mitt t ed tt e via i teellephone, aftteer making a cred redi dit card dit d con o ttrrib butio ion, or enclosed d in n an envelope with a co contributi con tion and mailled tio d tto o: Ku Kupat H Kup Haaiirr 44115 14 14th th Aveenu nue Br Broo ooklyn yn, NY 112219 11 3. Mi Minim Min mu um co ont n ri ribu ibuti tion ti ion of $1 $120. $12 4. If yyo ou woul woul u d lilike ke to de desi sign gnat gn atee a sp at pec ecifi ific 400 day peri riod iod, dp pllea e se s mak ake ke a no note te of it it..

Name and mother’s name:________________________

Shmuel Berenbaum Ztl 1795 East 7th Street Brooklyn, New York 11223

Request: ______________________________________

Rabbi Malkiel Kotler Shlita

Rabbi Moshe Wolfson Shlita

Request: ______________________________________

521 5th Street Lakewood, New Jersey 08701

1574 43rd Street Brooklyn, New York 11219

Name and mother’s name:________________________

Rabbi Aron Schechter Shlita

Rabbi Chaim Leib Epstein Shlita

1248 East 12th Street Brooklyn, New York 11230

1608 46th Street Brooklyn, New York 11204

Rabbi Shlomo Feivel Schustal Shlita

Rabbi Dovid Goldwasser Shlita

1043 East 17th St Brooklyn, NY 11230-4412

1336 East 21st Street Brooklyn, New York York 11210

Rabbi Don Blumberg Shlita

Rabbi Chaim Schabes Shlita

4 Yale Drive Monsey, NewYork 10952

7 Barrie Drive Spring Valley NY 10977

Rabbi Ephraim E. Shapiro Shlita

Rabbi Aryeh Z. Ginzberg Shlita

971 NE 172nd Street North Miami Beach FL. 33162

Home of Rabbi

568 Kensington Place Cedarhurst, N.Y. 11516

Name and mother’s name:________________________

Request: ______________________________________ Name of Contributor:_____________________________ Telephone Number for Confirmation:________________ By a minyan of outstanding talmidei chachamim. (minimum contribution of $120 per name) By one outstanding talmid chacham. (Minimum contribution of $120 required. Up to 3 names may be submitted.) Please print clearly.

y ra p l il w , a t" li h s r, o d a H i the Gedole os. u v a h s re fo e b in e m o c t a for all the names th

Please daven on my behalf for: ‫נחת מהילדים‬ Nachas from children ‫זרע של קיימא‬ For children ‫רפואה שלמה‬ For a refuah sheleima (speedy recovery) ‫זיווג הגון‬ For a zivug hagun (worthy mate) ‫פרנסה‬ Parnassah (livelihood) with ease Please in your Hebrew name and Hebrew Urgent requests arefill immediately forwarded tomother’s the home of thename Gedolei Hador

How do I donate to Kupat Hair? 1eenvelope.

Send your donation in the enclosed S Call the 24 Hour Tzeddakah Hotline ((donation by credit card) at 1-866-221-9352 Fax: 1-888-633-2188 F Email:


your donation to the Rabbonim in 3 Send your area (see list on Envelope).


Send your donation to: Kupat Hair 4415 14th Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11219

Please make checks payable to: American Friends of Kupat Ha'ir

Montreal: Rabbi Y. C. Wenger Shlita, 2227 Goyer Avenue, Montreal Quebec H3S 1H1 In Send your donation to: Toronto: Rabbi M. M. Lowy Shlita, 240 Carmichael, Toronto Ontario M5M 2x4 Please make checks payable to: Canadian Friends of Kupat Ha'ir Canada


24 Hour Tzeddakah hotline For all information or to receive a pushka call 1-800-233-2188 Our office number in Israel: 3-671-6994

Shavuos 5770  

Tefilas Hashela"h by the Gedolei hador: a rare and unique opportunity