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School of Arts and Media Interior Design BA (Hons) Negotiated Major Project Brief Title:

SPA-Beauty Centre Academic Yr

13-14 Credits 40

Level 6 Duration 12 weeks


Kyriaki Nicolaou

Introduction Problems and considerations are not missing from the daily routine of a person. Contrary, these are multiply as a result one has a life full of stress and anxiety and so this leads to an unhealthy way of life. People omit themselves because they set other priorities and finally they don’t leave some extra time to relax, distress and enjoy treats that exist and they may not pay attention. However, it’s not only for beauty purposes but also for mental-psychological calmness.

The Concept This brief outlines a Spa-Beauty Centre in which both men and women can visit and enjoy mostly relaxation, feel quiet instead of the everyday panic and enjoy of course the pampering that the centre offers. There will be treatments mainly appropriate for both genders such as massage, facial treatments, sauna, yoga-Pilates room, a pool as well as nutrition and weight guidance. Specifically for women waxing, manicure & pedicure will be offered from specialist. A caférestaurant will be located and also a gym if men prefer to that. A nursery will be great convenience too if mothers don’t have anywhere to leave their children during their spa experience; they will be calm and quietly because it’s a safe place with people who love children and have willingness to help and play with them for some hours. The center will be based in town 7km from Nicosia city center, Cyprus, and will be the first spa in the area of a high population. This location has been chosen because the existing building is builded just beside a main road where hundreds of cars and pedestrians are passing from there because it’s a connecting road to the areas they’re working. So it can be visible and known not only from the locals. The successful design will give a unique atmosphere to the building and transform it into a luxury spa where visitors can feel calm, quiet and socialize at the same time. It will be a visually pleasant design that may cause everyone to visit and enjoy treatments.

Site and Surrounding Area The chosen building is located just 1.5km away from the motorway. It is situated just 300m away from S. George Church and 2km from the Nicosia General Hospital, IKEA and Mall of Cyprus. In the area there are also many cafes and restaurants nearby and a long sidewalk by the road. The building has two uses; on the ground floor is fitted a well known chain of bakery and on the first floor are the premises/facilities of a local football team and the place is used as cafeteria. A parking area just opposite the building is available any time.

The Vision The vision is to create a suitable space with an appropriate atmosphere and design where visitor will relish and adore and as return they will get a pleasant renewal and rest. They will socialize, learn information on the treatments they receive and informed about other cures. The building should look attractive from the outside to persuade the passing into the building. MJM

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Good quality of furniture, items, fixture and fittings should be included in all rooms to make this centre a beneficial and comfortable place.

Design Requirements The design needs to be practically and visually a good design. It should include 4 areas: the reception area, treatments area, eating area (café-restaurant) and nursery area. The reception area should be good looking because it’s the first space the visitor will face. The second and biggest area is for the treatment rooms – each one will have its own detail, which will indicate the role of each room according to what they offer. Café-restaurant area will be a simple designed room, which will observe its purpose with a relaxed and comfortable sense. Basic facilities like male and female toilets and a disabled toilet should be included. A nursery area for children to have some activities in an exciting and inspiring atmosphere.

Ambiance The composition should feel convenient and attractive with a relaxed atmosphere that will make the visitors have a pleasing experience.

Access and Circulation There are currently 2 main entrances to the ground floor and a staircase leading to the first floor. The main entrance faces the main road opposite the car park. There is no lift so wheelchair users have no access to the first floor. The new design required an improved circulation plan to make sure that the building is suitable for everyone. Car, foot and bus easily access the site. A car park is situated opposite the building.

How success will be measured Success will be measured by how well the final job responds the brief practically and aesthetically. Additionally the good quality of design will come from a corresponding planning. An effective and good client presentation will motivate interest to the idea of spa-beauty centre and make them want to visit it.

Outline Activities: The project will include the following: • Self-directed negotiated programme of advanced design project work and studies • Research, information gathering and critical evaluation of material. • Synthesis of creative, appropriate and technically competent design ideas • Planning and organisation of design work incl. Time management • Production (to a high standard) of a body of finalised design work • Presentation of appropriate supporting documentation • Presentation of design work to a professional standard

Stages STAGES A,B &C Briefing document / assoc. research + concept development drawings & conclusion + initial sketch scheme drawings - orthographic plans & sections + initial sketch visuals nd Submission date Friday 17 Feb 2014 STAGE D Scheme design drawings – developed orthographic plans/sections + initial sketch models + initial visualisation work th Submission date Friday 21 March 2014 MJM

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STAGE E Detail design drawings –major explanatory section through scheme + detail drawings of significant elements within scheme + specification notes defining materials Submission date Thursday 10th April 2014 PRESENTATION Client presentation orthographic drawings + finalised visualisations + finalised models + explanatory concept diagrams All to exhibition quality and standard. th Submission date FRIDAY 9 May 2014

Submission deadline for Project:

Friday May 9th 2014 before 4.00pm . Negotiated Major Project is designed to allow students to synthesise their experiences on the course through the definition, negotiation and implementation of a self-directed programme of design investigation, research and development leading to the presentation of a major design project. Students are encouraged to identify an issue or set of issues around which to focus their design investigation. The primary responsibility for the implementation of the project lies with the student, who will be assessed on their capacity to undertake a detailed examination of the territory they have identified as being of personal significance. Effectively, this Negotiated study provides a framework through which the student is able to demonstrate a capacity to practice and their understanding of the particular contextual circumstances in which they operate.

Module Learning outcomes (from MS1) Aims of Module: • • • •

facilitate the synthesis of design practice within its contextual framework provide an opportunity for students to take responsibility for the negotiation, management and implementation of a major project enable students to produce a coherent body of work culminating in a major project. enable students to explore possible areas of concern which may be relevant to their practice after graduation.

On completion of this module the student should be able to: • • • • •


To demonstrate a high level of skills and understanding in relation to their chosen area of design practice To generate, organise and evaluate an extended body of design work To appreciate the role of presentation in the production of meaning To support their design practice in an appropriate and articulate manner. To produce an effective, creative, appropriate, detailed and clearly communicated and presented design solution to a complex brief.

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For the final major project, I decided to develop the typical beauty center into spa. The concept is to make both men and women visit and enjoy mostly relaxation, feel quiet and enjoy the pampering that the center offers. Each separate room will be designed appropriate, according to the atmosphere and the general design, to deliver all the elements that a treatment has. There will be located a café-restaurant for the visitors, a gym (because most of the men prefer to make physical exercise) and a nursery as well will be a great convenience for mothers to leave their children during their spa experience. The center will be based in town, 7km from Nicosia city center, Cyprus. I’ve chosen this location because it will be the first spa in the area and besides this, the existing building is built just beside a main road where many people are passing from there. The design needs to be practically and visually good design. It should include 4 areas: the reception area, treatments area, eating area (caférestaurant) and nursery area. The reception area should be good looking because it’s the first space a visitor will face. The second and biggest area is for the treatment rooms where each one will have its own detail, which will indicate the role of each room according to what they offer. The café-restaurant area will be a simple designed room, which will observe its purpose with a relaxed and comfortable sense. Finally, the nursery area will have some activities for children in an exciting and inspiring atmosphere. I will try to give a successful design with unique atmosphere. It will be a visually pleasant design that may cause everyone to visit, a suitable place where visitors will socialize, receive information about the treatments and enjoy the cures.

Kyriaki Nicolaou




For the final major project, as I mentioned again, we largely involved the whole work; we need to prepare a brief, make a survey-questionnaire to see and take some results and make a research about our specific place. In my case, since I chose to do a spa, my research file had to include the following contents: specify the meaning of the term ‘spa’, gave a history of what is the origin and who firstly started using treatments/cures, described the Greek and Roman baths, also specified the role of spa procedures in the life of a person and of course the benefits. Additionally, I have found some well-known spas around UK and the world, some inspired interior images and finally I concluded with the survey results and analysis. First of all, I started explaining the two versions of the origin of the term, according to the first one, ancient Romans described with this word the thermal springs and the 2nd supported that the term is derived from a famous resort. Then, I gave a brief history, explaining that from ancient times, thermal water was used to cure diseases and encourage relaxation and well-being. Egyptians were the first to discover the potential of water and oils for therapeutic purposes. Later, I explained through my findings that the procedures of spa in people’s life are somehow useful because they cure illnesses, help to overcome the immobility and it has not only to achieve beauty. Without a doubt, spa treatments offer mental and physical benefits: for instance stress management, increase self esteem, improved blood pressure, breathing and flexibility and help psychologically as well. Finally, I prepared a list of questions to get some information and see how often people visit a spa, what are the reasons, what define their choice to visit a spa and finally I asked them to give some ideas of facilities that will probably make their experience more enjoyable. The survey showed that the majority of the respondents answered negatively if they ever visit a spa. The next question was about to give reasons why to visit a spa and the most answers was for distress, then for luxury and finally to enjoy treatments. The atmosphere of the place, then the music and lighting were the three preferable answers of what defines their decision to visit a spa. Lastly, I’m planning to include something interesting and attractive that will make visitors satisfy and enjoy their day at spa. I asked for some ideas and here are some: gym, a nursery, entertainment area or include a music therapy treatment.

Kyriaki Nicolaou



Graduate Year: Reflection Pack