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Bespoke Marathon Training Programme Run the race of your life, with a smile on your face and no worries other than thinking about how you are going to celebrate as you cross the finish line!

Included -

Consultation & running analysis


Individualized weekly programme (DropBox), including constant advice and support on nutrition, cross training & recovery.


Access to group One Element runs, including 3 bridges run from Putney Bridge.


Receive a weekly programme outlining the type and pace of each session, including intervals, recovery runs & long runs.

Access to group Thursday night track session at Battersea Athletics track.


Running vest

Price: £50 per month


15% off Sports Massage

Bespoke remote training programme for you or someone else offering training that fits around your life and maximises your/their potential. A structured programme that minimises the risk of injury by conditioning your body in a periodised way that will have you peak for race day!

Extras -

Partners & Sponsors 1:1 Running Coaching at Battersea athletics track £55 recommended (£60 without programme) or £500 for 10. Sports Massage £45

Don’t be that person that gets injured and has to give up their place. It’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be

SVR Marathon Offer  

Sam Village Racing, Marathon Package