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Bespoke Marathon Training Programme Run the race of your life, with a smile on your face and no worries other than thinking about how you are going to celebrate as you cross the finish line!

Included -

Consultation & running analysis


Individualized weekly programme (DropBox), including constant advice and support on nutrition, cross training & recovery.


Access to group One Element runs, including 3 bridges run from Putney Bridge.


Receive a weekly programme outlining the type and pace of each session, including intervals, recovery runs & long runs.

Access to group Thursday night track session at Battersea Athletics track.


Running vest

Price: £50 per month


15% off Sports Massage

Bespoke remote training programme for you or someone else offering training that fits around your life and maximises your/their potential. A structured programme that minimises the risk of injury by conditioning your body in a periodised way that will have you peak for race day!

Extras -

Partners & Sponsors 1:1 Running Coaching at Battersea athletics track £55 recommended (£60 without programme) or £500 for 10. Sports Massage £45

Don’t be that person that gets injured and has to give up their place. It’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be

SVR Marathon Offer