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Give Hope – Give a Hand. The Rotary Club of Capital City, RI District 3220, introduced the very first LN-4 (functional hands) to Sri Lanka, through the Ellen Meadows Prosthetic Hand Foundation, USA. These were donated to the Friend In Need Society (CFINS). The Jaipur Foot Programme, administered by CFINS, which is celebrating its 180th anniversary this year of service to the nation, is the main provider of prosthetic limbs and orthotic appliances to disabled persons in Sri Lanka free of charge. This LN-4 artificial arm was tried on two boys 9 years and 11 years of age on 22nd March 2012, at the Colombo Friend In Need Society premises using the sample. It took less than an hour to train the boys in its use. It is clearly a revolutionary type of simple arm, allowing very easy fitting and removal. The demonstration to the members of the Board and staff which included leading orthopedic and general surgeons drew a round of spontaneous applause. The two kids demanded that they be allowed to take it home!

The dream of introducing the LN-4 Arm to Sri Lanka became a reality due to the tireless work of Rotarian Jim Yoder, Director of the Ellen Meadows Prosthetic Hand Foundation, USA. The evolution of the LN-4 Arm, is given below together with the conditions of eligibility indicating who is eligible and how it should be used. Designing a Legacy When industrial designer Ernie Meadows and his wife, Marj, lost their daughter, Ellen, Ernie decided to create a legacy in their daughter's memory. Ellen died in an automobile accident when she was 18 years old. Originally Ernie intended to design a functional prosthetic hand for children and adolescent land mine victims, work accidents, electricity or a congenital condition.

In 2006 Ernie gave this prosthetic hand to Rotarian friends, specifically to the Ellen Meadows Prosthetic Hand Foundation, specifying that no one profit from the production or distribution and that no recipient be charged. The Rotary Clubs of RI District 5160, in northern California, were

instrumental in providing the funding support and the Rotarian time and effort to make manufacturing possible. The Ellen Meadows Prosthetic Hand Foundation (EMPHF) has delivered over 9,000 LN-4 prosthetic hands, in over 60 countries, since their inception in 2005. Their goal is to provide an LN-4 Prosthetic Hand to all who want one, always for free. The LN-4 Prosthetic Hand is not a medical device. It is a simple, low cost, durable, reliable and functional “helper hand.” It is constructed of “cocoa puff” color, injection molded plastic, with brass and stainless steel metal parts. The LN-4 hand is resistant to water, heat, dirt and salt, and it is easy to clean with just clear water. The LN-4 hand is strong and, when properly fit on the recipient’s arm, can support more than 25 pounds of weight. With two moveable digits that interlock with three fixed digits, the hand is simple to use – the digits close incrementally to grasp and release with slight pressure to the outer side. One size fits all recipients and functions as either the left or right hand. The LN-4 hand is attached easily with Velcro straps and is easily removed by the wearer in a few seconds. The LN4 hand is delivered to each recipient in a zipper pouch which contains everything needed; an LN4 hand, all straps and illustrated instructions for fitting and simple tasks. The procedure of fitting the LN-4 hand is to adjust the straps for the arm length of the recipient, needing only scissors and a match for the final fitting. “Once assembled, you just shorten the straps and when they are the right length to fit that limb, you can cut them off with the scissors.” You need the match to keep the straps from fraying. The weight is .88 pounds for each completed zipper pouch. Who can use the LN-4 Hand     

About 2 years old and up Minimum 12 centimeters from the tip of the elbow to end of the residual limb No open wounds and no unusual sensitivity on the residual. Good flexibility and muscle tone in the upper arm, joint and residual limb. For double amputees, only one LN-4 hand per candidate

The Rotary Club of Capital City in collaboration with the CFINS invites those interested in obtaining the LN-4 Arm to forward the name, address, age, and reason for injury along with a photograph to the Administrative Secretary, Colombo Friend In Need Society, No. 171, Sir James Peiris Mawatha, Colombo 2. Telephone Number 112421651, to lend you a hand to change your life.!. PP Rtn. Dilu Rodrigo Chair International Service Rotary Club of Capital City

LN-4 prosthetic hands - Communty Service Project  

A project carried out in partnership with Colombo Friend in Need Society to provide amputees, with free prosthetic functional hand, to impro...

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