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The Program

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Kotori Dossier Key Details

Kotori Protocol Policies


Rackets Charities


Suspects Voice Actors Performers Musical Guests Special Guests

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Things To Do! Panels Screenings

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Prison Food Artist Alley Dealers Room

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Criminal Activities



Schedule, Maps and Updates

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!!ATTENTION!! Our Program features QR codes to scan for more information. You will want to have an app to do this ready on your phone. For Android-based devices, you can use Barcode Scanner by ZXing. On iOS-Devices like iPhones there are also QR Code readers available on the AppStore, for example Bakodo. On Windows Phone try QR Code Reader.

Our schedule of events is available on kotoricon2017. Scan this code to go to our schedule. Program Editor: Ed Knorr with help from Franke Sisto, Alexandra Glenn-Collins and the rest of the KotoriCon Staff

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KotoriCon Policies It is important that guests planning to attend KotoriCon read and understand our policies. Scan the QR code to go to our complete list of policies with examples. Everyone is expected to follow the rules. KotoriCon staff work hard to provide a safe, family-friendly environment. Convention policies range in scope from permitted props and weapons to lost children. Some of the policies include:

Disruptive Behavior Policy: Action will be taken if something is considered dangerous or disruptive. Smoking: Smoking is prohibited inside campus buildings. Smoking is allowed outside ONLY in designated areas. This includes e-cigarettes. Photographing Guests: KotoriCon’s guests have the right to maintain their privacy. Convention members may be asked to refrain from photographing guests who prefer not to have their picture taken. Please Remember • Guests will join con-goers for a photo opportunity if they choose to have their picture taken. • Photographers may not post pictures taken at KotoriCon for sale online or solicit payment from attendees. • When stopping to take photographs in the hallways, please be considerate of fellow con-goers. Be brief and do not block traffic. Children at KotoriCon KotoriCon is a family-friendly event with programming for ages 13 and older. This policy is to ensure the safety of the younger attendees. A parent or guardian must accompany all children younger than age 12 at all times. Anyone younger than age 18 must come with an adult age 18 or older who has their own ticket. Children are required to carry some form of written identification and parent/guardian contact information with them at all times. This is so that KotoriCon staff may contact the parent or guardian should the need arise. Costume Props at KotoriCon/ Prohibited Props and Weapons A list of prohibited props are on the website. Misuse of a weapon or prop, such as swinging it in a public area or posing a hazard to others, will result in it being deemed unsafe for KotoriCon. Guests will be asked to remove the item from KotoriCon. Guns/gun props are not allowed at KotoriCon. Games: The spontaneous playing of dancing games at KotoriCon is always appreciated but needs to be moved to areas that do not block doorways or walkways. Solicitation: Only approved artists and dealers are authorized to sell materials or provide services at KotoriCon. Photographers may not post pictures taken at KotoriCon for sale online or solicit payment for photographs from attendees. For More Information All decisions made by KotoriCon staff are final. Please ask a Security Team member or Staff member if you have concerns.


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KotoriCon is not just a fun event but it is also a charity fundraiser. This event is run by student volunteers from Rowan College at Gloucester County who work hard all year to raise money for the charities they selected.

KotoriCon Scholarship Endowment This endowment supports students who dedicate their time and skills to community service and embrace the spirit of volunteerism. It is open to Rowan College at Gloucester County students​. The Japanese Anime Guild is building this endowment so the scholarship will be perpetual. It is administered by the Rowan College Foundation at Gloucester County and recipients are selected by the Scholarship Committee of the College Assembly.​​

LINK Liberty in North Korea is a non-profit organization that works to empower the people of Northern Korea. LINK is responsible for rescuing, habilitating and accl​imating refugee​​s for a life outside of North Korea. LINK Volunteers travel around the United States sharing their message of hope, educating others on the plight of the North Korean people and encouraging activism at home.

Pets for Vets Pets for Vets provides emotional comfort to soldiers recovering from PTSD through the love and care that only a pet could provide. Their goal is to find compatible shelter animals that match each veteran’s needs.

Doctors Without Borders Doctors Without Borders is humanitarian group that provides care to anyone who needs medical attention following a natural disaster, during an epidemic or in conflict zones.


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Seabrook Buddhist Temple Approximately 500 families of Japanese ancestry who lived and worked at Seabrook Farm started the Seabrook Buddhist Temple in 1945. By 1965 the Seabrook Buddhist Sangha (congregation) received independent temple status and the 20th anniversary of its founding was observed. 1968 saw the groundbreaking for the current temple situated on seven acres of land less than one block from Route 77. In 1983, the temple was incorporated as a non-profit facility. In 1986, a home for the resident Sensei was constructed and in 1988, a meditation garden was added. For 70 years the hard working and dedicated Sangha have developed a welcoming atmosphere for people to gather to hear the Buddha-Dharma (the teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha).

Child’s Play Child’s Play was established in 2003. They are a game industry charity dedicated to improving the lives of children with toys and games in a network of over 100 hospitals worldwide. They purchase new consoles, peripherals, games and more for hospitals and therapy facilities. These donations allow for children to enjoy age-appropriate entertainment, interact with their peers, friends and family and can provide vital distraction from an otherwise generally unpleasant experience. Check them out at where you can even click on a hospital of your choice and directly purchase a game to be sent for kids there.

Indochinese-American Council The Indochinese-American Council was founded in 1982 and has been committed to serving foreign-born people in the community ever since. Their goal is to empower disadvantaged, multiracial, minority Americans as well as newly-arrived refugees and immigrants from all parts of the world to achieve social, economic and educational advancement and mobility. They run programs for adults and kids of all nationalities in Philadelphia. Check them out, donate or volunteer your time at

For More Info rmation plea se scan the QR Code for the Charities Pag e on our Web site.


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voice actors For more info rmation on ea ch guest, sca the QR code n to take you to o that includes more informa ur webpage tion.

le Micheses: : e m a Na li


t) A Rocke osed Discl ” (of Team m: l i F ce ie “Jess ” (One Pie na “Cari from ainer r ) T d l n o G mo (Poke st. “May” to li y n ) a n m n Hoe (Too mon” t “Poke s.) Stree u ch” ( Trust Bosconovit a ) “Alis x ekken r x T t Fighter e t h g e Fi e r ” (St “Roll n) e Tekk ed to eliev ersey; b ( / J com n New notz. ary helek aces withi From Janu c i m / / ( l : p p a t d s ht ou ana ings: ite); Vari tes and C Sight a s t b ). t S (as e d n w l e d o Rec nite Theft essly cial m: G U fi l d f i e e o F h t t p r l ce Attem be he s in both Cease e Pie of On betting in ; Talking tz); re ) Theat , as part A o t n ing & er Cathcar Michele K session th 10-17 rimes: Aid s rt os a a P C s ; k s ) C o e o Roll” vitch”); “ Known ” with Jam gh Audiob s a g ou ono ie ry ( “Jess urfew (Thr of Gadget Alisa Bosc ); Stalkin ” C “ n e o i r s i s Afte “Jes perat irearms (a ful O r (as s Unlaw gistered F ice Office onfirmed). redit ol re nc and c of Un nating a P tchum - u s e s a Ke ali so many Imper ed by Ash with t r n o a p r (Re ete ned v dvised. seaso a a s i s ion ct i Suspe name. Caut r to he ACTED : RED d r a w Re


ni e McGon i m a J : Name ases:

ed Ali Disclos n) Viva (Pokemo snap” ( “Barry” i w T nger n o t g n “Teddi d) Pinata) P Legen -Zero G F ( ” a d “Zo . ton D.C Washing : ; s ) g e n d i Sight to resi Recent lieved e b s s g i tin he ed sigh (Where (Confirm n o c i r . o ) Kot ce 2010 the Pea y since urbing t annuall s as i ( D g : n rimes Drivi Known C ckless e ; R ) ” ; a ) d ” o “Z rry (as “Ba acy (as k Conspir r’s Bac ; e ) t ” s a i d S o s “Z i H d ; ap”) Behin ingersn Talking ty gton Tw n communi i d d d n e a T y t i l (as “ a u q al). m for e cGonnig Activis ss, Jamie M s a ( awarene n o r AIDS o directi f about e e t l a b advoc edgea l n w w o o n n k k y a backup. s ver is also without r and i o e t g c a e Suspect g r n i d not e cer, a es. Do a produ e pursu h SS t E c N e I j BUS any sub OF YOUR E N O N : Reward

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voice actors

Name: James Carter Cathcart Disclosed Aliases: “James” (of Team Rocket) “Meowth” (Anthropomorphic Pokemon) “Jimmy Zoppi” (Stage Name) “Carter Cathcart” (Frequent Voice Actor Credit) “Weevil Underwood” (Yu-Gi-Oh!) “Vector the Crocodile” (Sonic X) “Slappy Wong” (Stage Name) Recent Sightings: West Long Branch, New Jersey (Ancestral Home); The Sinnoh Region (Where his family allegedly has a vacation home). Known Crimes: Aiding & Abetting in Attempted Theft (As “James” with Michele Knotz); Waking the Neighbors With Loud Music (as Carter Cathcart alongside John Tesh, Ace Frehley and many others); Impersonating a Nurse (as “James ”); Impersonating a Professor (as “James”); Saying Goodby e to Exodia (as “Weevil Underwood”). In addition to voice acting, suspect is a voice director, pianist and singer of some repute. Suspect’s voice has been said to make faces light up. Literally. Reward: YOU DON’T WANNA KNOW

Grant Name: Tiffany s:

se Disclosed Alia Soryu” (Neon y le ng La ka “Asu on) li Genesis Evange Kill!) ga me “Koro” (Aka it” (Chrono he en rv Ha “Satella Crusade) Piece) “Nojiko” (One etal Alchemist) lm ul “Marta” (F

s: Houston, Recent Sighting rthplace); Bi d Texas (Liste org (Where you www.voicesfor. ntributions to can hear her co ces for Peace” the albums “Voi r Tolerance”); and “Voices fo fits and iTunes (Pro s). er rd Bo t ou th as Doctors Wi charities such Texas (as are donated to Actor Hired in e ic Vo e a im An t rs ; Assault With Known Crimes: Fi ng (as “Marta”) hi tc o”); na ik -S oj dy “N Bo s ; (a g Boys Tiffany Grant) suka”); Upsettin “A s (a ; t ”) bo it Ro he t en Deadly Gian s “Satella Harv ting a Demon (a Aiding and Abet iffany Grant”). s lo Kitty” (a “T el “H to n io ct Addi ry e acting indust rge in the voic la . at es od en is be ep s over 1600 Suspect ha ing g characters in bb in du ic s vo ou , ri 94 va 19 since scripts for t ap ad is to n 17 ow 20 kn Kotoricon Has also been be noted that so tion al en nv ld co ou a sh any Grant at projects. It d an ghting of Tiff t si en ed ig rm ll nfi te co the first extremely in ed er id ns Co . rsey based in New Je ous. er ng da Y EL EM EXTR LE AB TI Reward: NEGO


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voice actors

lls man Mi a D : e : Nam liases

sed A Disclo baka) !! ” (Nan (Yuri! “Jyugo m s an” t l e F “Yakov old) ) ilm: G on Ice iece F P ) e ! n ! O s a” ( er Boy “Tanak ” (Che n e n h o C an Pokem “Zi Xu unt” ( losed) are Gr l F d m n a u isc n RPG) “Te o i t modern signa t e s d o P t n A Gru ovel) IIK: sual N ow” (Y i r V K e h “T tylus ” (Bae ); “Chase e Base as Hom d arious e V t r ; o Region s (Rep a s x o e l T a anuary y, K las, from J se Cit s: Dal o a g i d n m a i u n t L a h Sig rk; nd C g in New Yo ates a Recent runnin City, ted St ll be i i k n w r U o d Y e l h New : Go oss t Escape e Film es acr Prison e Piec d n theatr e O t ; p n m e Atte yugo”) h (Wh (as “J ugo”); 10-17t y t J c “ u g d n s n . es) Acti y (a y Co theatr nt”); Larcen orderl . re Gru ); Dis a rimes: ” l C leged) o F l g n A u m w ( y a o Kn king as “J s “Te l a a ( w y s y a u c J o ra ); (Numer Conspi Mills” ory to a “Daman s a ( Access lding ly bui ce Out k i c o ious i V r u a q r You ross v he is c a t u s b e om the ng, crim run fr be you s and d e y e h a to e t m d n t s e. Not tly o einou Suspec m Flar curren a e of h e r s T i I o h t . t r s n wi repe region ciatio s and r asso o f medium e c n Poli Fashio mated. eresti d be un EASING : INCR Reward


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Scan the QR code for schedules, links and more information on our performers!

Name: +2 Comedy

Real Names: No ah Houlihan & Will Liam Disclosed Alia ses (Noah): “TV’s Noah” “Misty” “Popo the Ice Climber” Has also been reported to go by the alias of and may or may “Giovanni,” not secretly le ad The Kanto Re Rocket. gion’s Team Disclosed Alia ses (Will): “Sabertooth” “Captain Boomer ang” “Edward Cullen ” Recent Sighting s: Baltimore, Maryland (Where Otakon 2016); they infiltrated Philadelphia, PA (Where they WizardWorld Co survived mic Con); Egg Harbor Township site of a week , NJ (Confirmed ly podcast). Known Crimes: Smelling what The Rock was co - as “TV’s Noah oking (Noah ”); Attempted Theft of Pokemo “Giovanni”); Te n (Noah - as lemarketing Fr aud (Yes Will, Incessantly Pu we saw it); lling Pranks (W ill - as “Capta Alleged Purpos in Boomerang”); eful Mismatchin g of Potential (Noah & Will as Romantic Couple +2 Comedy). s One of the susp ects may be a professional wr to know “1004 estler claiming holds,” but we have reason to only knows “abo believe that he ut 60.” Both su spects are desc people.” Encoun ribed as “funny ters without th e proper prepar result in spli ation may t sides and cr acked funny bo nes. Rumors suggest that they will once again be Cosplay Dating hosting “The Game” at this year’s Kotorico reading this, n. If they are in no way are we planning to and arrest you. raid the venue Don’t pay atte ntion to the bl van sitting ou ack, windowless tside the Fine Arts Center. It show. We swear. ’s just for Reward: IF WE TOLD YOU, WE’D HAVE TO KILL YO U


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Name: Uncle Yo Real Name: Karl Custer Only Known Alias: “Uncle Yo” Recent Sightings: Kumoricon 2016 (Portland, Oregon); Otakon (Baltimore, Maryland); Every Mond ay (On his podcast “We Are the Geek ”); Anime conventions and events “fro m Albany to Albuquerque” (Seriously. Suspect is all over the place. It is hard to track him down). Known Crimes: Splitting Sides; Conducting a Charity Auction with out a Permit (This year will be his seventh offense); Winning A Star ing Contest with a Ninja (Numerous Reported); Association with Robo t Overlords; Attempting to Turn The World Into a Conduit for Love and Peace (Stated Goal).

Suspect is well-known under the alias “Uncle Yo” throughout the continental US. Really, he’s actually a pretty nice guy. The man even defeated Team Rocket’s Giovanni in a wrestling match without the use of a foreign object for crying out loud! Maybe pursuers can just... “look the other way” if they see him? No, no. Don’t do that. Sit and watc h his comedy routine. That would be nice. Reward: LAUGHABLE

Name: Greg Wicker Disclosed Aliases: “Greggo” “That Game Show Guy” / Recent Sightings: http:/ Channel be com/gregdasgo, (YouTu ormant); inf ous supplied by anonym /ww p:/ htt 6; 201 Zenkaikon be his website). greggosgameshows (Said to eg ple with his Wit (as “Gr Peo Known Crimes: Skewering ”); ker Wic eg liness (as “Gr Wicker”); General Friend uently e Game Shows That Subseq tiv ova Inn and Creating New Others (as “Greggo”). Bring Joy to Himself and tions game shows at anime conven Suspect has been hosting me Ani by ed end reh app almost since the year 1999. Was ping an original project elo dev was he n whe k Networ ll at large. for them. Suspect is sti Reward: POINTS


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12/9/2016 3:53:00 PM



ltivat ng Fu Cu u K : e m a Group N es:

d Alias ts” Disclose rtial Ar inese Ma Internal h C “Li’s l Arts & a i t r ourt, a M rprise C hinese t 9 Ente : Li’s C a s g d r, where n n e i u b t o m h f e g i can be In Sept ( h Recent S c k i r h o h w Y ( w n’s Fift Center wn, Ne elevisio Healing Middleto T ; y ion). ) t t 0 s i 8 a t 0 n e 8 NJ 0 Tang Dy ts Comp r w A e N l a Sewell, n i i t d nd se Mar ticipate g “Art a al Chine they par d meanin radition r T o w cter l a a n r n i a o r h i Moral C ” (manda Internat u l l a o n a o T i “ t Tradi e from imes: hat Rang Known Cr ding the t l o s h t p n U e d ; u on”) ing St Expressi u; Train e Kung F s e n 70s. i h r C i of o the cient Well int o t 5 o the an e g A cation t i d Their e d . ) r ” i s for the ial art t n r w a o m n “ ork k g e ar trical w (meanin Suspects and thea “Wushu” y e t history. s u e a f n e o i b h C f years oth the o b ways of s w d o n h a s s t get on h thou ations but don’ n throug demonstr w , o h d c n d u e b s , pas ceful of Wushu as a pea e noted r a s t c e Susp d side. their ba HONOR Reward:

Group Name:

Dragon No known al iases


Recent Sigh tings: Drex el Universi Philadelphia ty, , PA (where they are known to op erate) Known Crimes : Use of a Light Saber; Public Perf ormances; St age combat; Costuming; Conspiring Against the Empire Suspects ar light saber e known for choreography spectacular . Also know sith for pe n for battli ace, power ng the and complete Reward: SOME supremacy. THING, SOME THING, SOME THING “DARK SIDE.”

Name: Mystic Realms Member Names and Numbers Unknown Recent Sightings: Fantasy Worlds; Areas Fighting the Zombie Apocalypse; New Jersey, USA. Known Crimes: Kidnapping; Assault with a Deadly Weapon; Assault with a Styrofoam Weapon; Attempted Murder (of Zombies); Scaring Small Children ; Protecting Various Realms from Danger and/or Certain Demise. Suspects are part of a greater live -action role-playing group that run games and interact ive theatre troupes throughout the country. Founded in the 1990s, Mystic Realms continues to take responsibility for the “Danger Room” that has become a Kotoricon staple. Reward: STREET CRED


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musical guests KotoriCon staff bring some great music to the stage again this year. For more information on these musicians, scan the code to go to the page on our website.

Band Name: The Asterplace Band Members: Kota Tsukimoto (Vocals/Guitar) Cohei Hattori - Alias “The Spoken One” (Lead Guitar/Backup Vocals) Shusuke Inava - Alias “Shu” (Drums/ Percussion) Kenji Terai - Alias “Revival” (Bass/ Backup Vocals) Yusuke Seki - Alias “Poku Poku”(Piano/Synthesizer/Mokugo) Recent Sightings: Believed to be native to Japan, but current (confirmed)location based in New York City, from which they perform at festivals and conventions around the world. Known Crimes: Hot Dog Smuggling; Coke Contests; Busted Basses (691 counts); Destroyed Drums (457 counts); Gnashed Guitar (812 counts); Mashed-Up Microphones (1062 counts); Trashed Tambourine (1 count); LOUD NOISES (incalculable). The band has been known to put on a marvelous show and are NOT to be taken lightly. Approach with caution and earplugs. Reward: STOLEN

Mezik Band Name: CO

Band Members: ls/Composer/ Rin (Bass/Voca t) Lyricist/Artis “Guitarist of s ia Al Maria uitar/Backup Guitarists” (G Vocals) ) /Backup Vocals Satomi (Drums

pan ngs: Tokyo, Ja Recent Sighti rant au st Robot Re (Home Planet); ; n) pa kyo, Ja (Located in To (THE TRIO’S 17 20 n co Kotori THE D SIGHTING IN FIRST CONFIRME nd “The ). York-Based Ba UNITED STATES ion with New at ci s like so nd As Ba : y es ar Known Crim from Legend ce en flu with In g in ti Draw s;” Flir ng Asterplace;” t Chili Pepper Ho ed ); “R ia d ar an (M nology “SHONEN KNIFE” n of Robotech ); Propagatio ted Goal). ta (S d rl Insanity (Rin to a New Wo or Do y av He Opening a “The ed States by t to the Unit gh ou in br n” nd aw ba “D a , titled Suspects are asing their EP le g re in r ur te to Af on Asterplace.” t their sights . e trio have se iminal empire April 2016, th pand their cr ex to rk Yo w d Ne New Jersey an ES LS IR NG FA E UNITED STAT : rd Rewa WELCOME TO TH RM WA A : rd wa For Bonus Re OF AMERICA

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12/9/2016 3:53:01 PM

musical guests

Band Name: Eien Strife Band Members: Cheydra Raien Lyren Kale No Known Aliases Recent Sightings: The Forests and Villages of the Planet Terina; Zenkaikon 2016. Known Crimes: Having Enormous Respect for the Forest and Life in General (Cheydra); Insubordination (Raien); Manipulation of Elements (Lyren); General Mischief (Raien); Love of Hard Labor (Kale); Using Animations and Cosplay to Share Stories of Their Adventures with the Audience. Suspects are natives of the planet Terina trying to introduce us to their culture. Have recently released their first full-length album “Full Speed Ahead.� Pursuers are advised to prepare for potential loss of breath. Reward: YOU DECIDE

Name: Hoh Daiko Taiko Drummers

No Known Aliases Recent Sightings: Seabrook Buddhist Temple (Seabrook, New Jersey) Known Crimes: LOUD NOISES

Suspects are frequent performers at Kotoricon, presenting a wellcoordinated and high-energy performance. Reward: LOUD NOISES


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Special Guests

KotoriCon also has a wealth of special guests. They aren’t voice actors or performers, but they’re important to the show nonetheless!

Name: Scott Melzer No Known Aliases

Recent Sightings: Various Japanese and anime-themed conventions along the east coast. Known Crimes: Rapid Otakunization; Head-Writing and Directing for Anime Fan Parody Group NoN.D.E. Fanfilms; Screening Abridged Shows and Fan Parodies While Supporting the Official Release; Developing Four Films about Anime, Anime Fans and the Culture Created Around Them.

Suspect is frequently seen at Kotoricon. Head of the group behind fan parody films such as “S.T.E.A.M.: The Movie,” “Fanboy Soze” and “This is Otakudom.” Suspect is also fairly genre savvy. Reward: COVERED UNDER FAIR USE

Name: Charles Dunbar No Known Aliases

Recent Sightings: Hunter College (the supposed source of his power); The vast reaches of space; (a website he has written for); www. (his official website); your local Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts. Known Crimes: Not Selling “Propane and Propane Accessories” (despite being a fan of “King of the Hill”); Enjoying Watching the Sun Rise (despite not being a morning person); Unearthing of an Underground Roman Villa (excavated in the United Kingdom); Using his Master’s Degree in Cultural Anthropology to Analyze the Dynamics of the Otaku Fandom. We have received a tip that suspect will be hosting the “Pokemon: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Fight Them” panel and the “Mononoke no Ghibli: Miyazaki’s Gods and Princesses” panel at this very Kotoricon. A sting operation is currently being planned. Reward: KNOWLEDGE


RCGC_KotoriconProgram_2017-edit.indd 15

12/9/2016 3:53:03 PM

Special Guests

ah Palmer Name: Salriases A No Known

None ghtings: Recent Si e n o N mes: Known Cri f the t agent o s a secre i t y in c t e r p e s b u S y as “Li l n o . n w o n for short group k or “LiNK” ” eir a h e t r o t K u p North me ke her i l s r e h esting ti t o ession ll as inv e w Sarah and from oppr s a s l , a k u s d i i r v i t d a n i ng Once own lives act willi f Korea. , to extr epublic o R s a new ’ e t l r and money p a o t atic Pe le to s r b c a o m e e r D a e s in th dividual , said in extracted — reedom. as to say life in f hat she h w r a e h o ouraged t someone! s are enc help save o t All comer e l b a just be you might D CLASSIFIE : d r Rewa


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12/9/2016 3:53:04 PM

Crime track

In tune with our theme of Crime we have several exciting panels focused on the less savory side of the law.

Panels & Events f: Lupin III

test Thie ime’s Grea


and manga, als in anime ene Lupin III. in im cr d n a te, Ars f thieves unning favori are plenty o franchise While there ho stands out as a long-r ted entries in the Lupin a w media. e anim there is one e volume of ill present th w rg y la e e th th l, n e e n In this pa to start giv good places focusing on

Yakuza: Gangs of Japa


Many people have heard of the Yakuza, but they are mo re than just the topic of a video game — the y have a vast and deep his tory. They are neither the mob nor the ma fia; they are the most expans ive gang in the country and there is more to them than meets the eye . This panel will present the history of the gan g, their tendencies and oth er fun facts about them.

Why You Love Anti-He


Because your central theme is crime this year, this pan el will focus on the growth of the anti-he ro trope in anime, from Lup in III to Sasuke Uchiha! The panel will discus s the origins of this trope and into why we so often identif delve y and love these character s. Will include a PowerPoint presentation.

e in Cops: Fighting Crim showing clips Essentially, they will be officers. characters are police

an Anime Time ere the main

from various anime wh


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Guest Panels Most invited guests coming to KotoriCon volunteer to participate in panels. Descriptions and times of each panel are found when you scan the QR Code or visit All the Voice Actors run panels, including Michele Knotz and Jamie McGonnigal. Check the schedule and website for an up-to-date listing!

Fan Panels & Workshops Descriptions and times of each panel are found when you scan the QR Code above. Panels and workshops are submitted to KotoriCon by experts in the community. We selected the best ones that fit your interests.

Anime, the 1980s: In the Year 1987 A Snack on Titan : Snacking Etiquette for a Colossal Hunger Anime’s Greatest Thief: Lupin III Cops: Fighting Crime in an Anime Time

Planning Your Cosplay or How I learned to Stop Hating My Hobby and Love the Craft The Godfather of Anime: Osamu Tezuka The History of Anime Opening/ Closing Themes The Kotori League

Cosplay from your Closet Creating Costumes with GarbMaven Gunpla 101 Light Novel Adaptation: 2017 Edition Not Guts No Glory

Thrill of the Frills: Introduction to Japanese Lolita Twisted Genius: Exploring the Themes of Gen Urobuchi Underrated Anime of All Genres Welcome To The Velvet Room — All About Persona

Origami Frog Race

What is LARPing? Learn About it!

Pepakura — The Art of Papercraft

Why You Love Anti-Heroes! Yakuza: Gangs of Japan


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At KotoriCon, we screen various animes, films and other videos. Thanks to Crunchyroll and Funimation for allowing us to screen thier titles. All screenings are suitable for PG-13 unless noted. Descriptions and times of each screening are found when you scan the QR Code. Descriptions are taken from Crunchyroll and Funimation, our sources for anime this year.

Anime (*subject to change) The Boy and the Beast

Monster Hunter Stories: Ride On

Bungo Stray Dogs

My Hero Academia

Case Closed



One Piece

Coyote Ragtime Show


Cuticle Detective Inaba

Poco’s Udon World

Digimon Adventure Tri: Confession

RWBY: Volume 4

Dragon Ball Super

Samurai Flamenco

Fairy Tail

Sekko Boys

Flip Flappers

Sound! Euphonium 2

Flying Witch

Space Patrol Luluco

Gakuen Handsome

Sweetness & lightning

Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto


Kiss Him, Not Me



Ultrman Orb

Lupin the 3rd: Part 1

Wakakozake (Drama)

Lupin the 3rd: Part 4


March Comes in Like a Lion

Yuri!! On ICE

Mob Psycho 100

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things to do! There are so many things to do at KotoriCon! Below are even more things you can do! Scan the QR codes below for more information.





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Video Game Tournaments We will be having game tournaments on Friday night for Smash 4 and others run by Avylon. There will also be Pokemon DS tournaments on Friday and Saturday in the Card Games Room. Check the schedule or scan the QR code for more information.

Card Games & Tabletop We will be hosting card and tabletop games. Check the schedule or scan the QR code for more information.

The Kotori League Welcome to the Kotori region. Are you ready to work with your Pokémon to become a Pokémon master? Then show your determination and take on the Kotori Leagues Kahunas! You can find them in the locations below at the times printed in the insert and you can challenge any you missed at the Game Room in the last 3 hours of the convention. Do you have what it takes to become a champion of the Kotori League? The Kahunas await you. Kahunas will be wearing arm bands to mark them. Kahuna Locations: Instructional Center — by the Workshop Room; College Center — The Arcade Room; Business and Corporate Center — Game Room; Fine Arts Center — Front Lobby

Casual Games Avylon will be running the video game room on Saturday for casual games. Have fun playing games like Mario Kart 8, Kirby’s Air Ride and more! 20

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things to do!

Arcade Room We will be having an arcade this year run by Win Big Games. Featuring Dance Dance Revolution Extreme, Pump It Up, Jubeat, Combatribes, Outrun 2, Tokyo Cop: Special Forces and Silent Scope.

Photobooth — Free photo Stop by the Photobooth to get a free picture by professional photographer Jen Yager (just show a KotoriCon badge). Additional copies will be available online. Find the link on the website.

Autographs Voice Actors can be found giving autographs in the room next to the Dealer’s Room throughout Saturday.

Band Merch Tables All the fantastic musicians that perform at KotoriCon have cut their appearance fees to help support the charities we are fundraising for. Please find their tables of merchandise in the Artists Alley in the College Center throughout Saturday and help support them. You will find cool posters, t-shirts and CD’s. They will autograph them too!

danger room The Mystic Realms Theatric LARP presents seven different deadly scenarios for you to survive. Enter the “Danger Room” to experience first hand the exciting world of LARP. Flesh-eating zombies, vicious wolves, clockwork robots and other surprises await. Play any time during convention hours. Mystic Realms provides new player training, scripted characters, costumes and padded boffo-weapons. See mysticrealms. com for general LARPing information.

charity auction Every year KotoriCon fans are fantastic supporters of a charity auction. All items in the auction are donated. Please include the charity auction in your plans for the day. You can find amazing items that cannot be found anywhere else.


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Eating Options

Eating Options KotoriCon tea Room s. Just a place m with green tea and cookie We will be having a tea roo the College minutes near Artists Alley in ctly to to sit and warm up for a few dire go ds from tea and cookies Center’s Club Hub. Procee our charities.

Food Truc


Dump-n-Roll Dump-N-Roll is here, ready to steam and fry our way into your heart (and stomach)! We are making traditional Chine turning local favorites se staples as well as and comfort food into hot and delicious sprin rolls and dumplings. g


o Dealer’s R ner RoadRun



s appetizers, of delicious . n o ti c le e s istro for a and more o’s Italian B beverages Try GioFan iches, wraps, pizza, dw salads, san

The Hungry Nerd

Selling Japanese food and drink, conspicuous ly caffeinated concoctio and other nerdy noms . ns

lub Sushi

Science C

ents are e Club stud c n ie c S e h T i!​ iser. Edible Sush urt as a chari​ty fundra o Mandarin C

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selling sush


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Eating Options

In The Area Seven Star Diner 1890 Hurffville Rd., Sewell (856) 228-5166

McDonald’s 122 Delsea Dr., Sewell (856) 401-3040

Mandarin Court 660 WoodburyGlassboro Rd., Sewell (856) 468-6893 Steak Out 641 WoodburyGlassboro Rd., Sewell (856) 464-8000

TomoSushi 806 Delsea Dr. N., Glassboro (856) 582-6699

Dunkin Donuts 660 WoodburyGlassboro Rd., Sewell (856) 464-8555 Szechuan Asian Cuisine 629 Woodbury Glassboro Rd., Sewell (856) 468-8881 Mama Marie’s 29 S. Broadway, Pitman (856) 589-4440 Tokyo Hibachi & Sushi Buffet 1692 Clements Bridge Rd., Deptford (856) 848-8289 Samurai Japanese Hibachi 646 Delsea Dr., Glassboro (856) 881-7788 Nick’s Pizza 644 Delsea Dr., Glassboro (856) 307-1100

Tokyo Mandarin 370 Delsea Dr., Glassboro (856) 881-7599 Angelo’s Glassboro Diner (Cash only) 26 N. Main St., Glassboro (856) 881-9854

PRIME Burger 322 Rowan Blvd., Glassboro (856) 243-2191 Think Greek Grill & Yogurt Bar 21 High St. E., Glassboro (856) 881-0436

Jim & Mike’s Pizza 7 S. Broadway, Pitman (856) 582-804 Tokyo Tasty 279 Egg Harbor Rd., Sewell (856) 256-8880 Peking Buffet 753 Delsea Dr. N., Glassboro (856) 881-4055

Wawa 701 WoodburyGlassboro Rd., Sewell (856) 468-6235 Pal Joey’s Deli 660 WoodburyGlassboro Rd., Sewell (856) 415-9600 Starbucks (in Target) 675 WoodburyGlassboro Rd., Sewell Ming Lok 22 Pitman Ave., Pitman (856) 589-6161 Terra Nova 590 Delsea Dr., Sewell (856) 589-8883 Saladworks 791 Delsea Dr. N., Glassboro (856) 863-2200 Landmark Americana 1 Mullica Hill Rd., Glassboro (856) 863-6600 7-Eleven 324 Rowan Blvd., Glassboro (856) 881-6027 Jimmy John’s 55 Delsea Dr., Glassboro (856) 307-0000


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artist alley


artist alley mezzanine

(1) Photobooth

(11) Eien Strife

(2) RCGC

(12) COMezik

(3) Mystic Realms

(13) Asterplace

(4) Monica “MonMon” H.

(14) Kipp Draws

(5) Uncle Yo

(15) Team Rocket’s Pokemon Emporium

(6) Shishi Manga (7) Syertse (8) Fluff Sugar Cafe (9)The Bear Accessories

(16) Hey May (17) JAG Club Table (18) KotoriCon T-Shirts

(10) Charles Dunbar/Greg Wicker For more information on these artists dubious deeds, scan the QR code!


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artist alley


artist alley main hall/lobby

(21) The Needle Gnomes

(32) Mink Works

(22) Daifei/Zachsgotyourback

(33) TriangleArt

(23) MintandApple

(34) A Valley of Stars

(24) Hikari wo Sagasu

(35) Lizard Vintage Art Collective

(25) Christine Almeda

(36) Quest Complete Jewelry

(26) DerpyCon

(37) Dorkspork

(27) Sweet Mildred

(38) Skeletal Cat Creations/ Sugar Coated Magic

(28) takoballs (29) Skimlines Drawings

(39) ZenkaiKon

(30) Curse Club

(40) Castle Point Anime Convention

(31) LiNK

(41) AnimeNEXT


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dealer’s room


WANTED Dealers

Dealer's Room

(1) The Hungry Nerd

(8) Next Level Videogames

(2) Stuffed Sushi

(9) Collector’s Anime

(3) Dani Cat Designs

(10) Tawnie Bow

(4) The Gundam Kitchen

(11) Obi Wan Kimono

(5) Anime Castle

(12) Science Fiction Continuum

(6) Phase ID

(13) Science Club Sushi

(7) Urban Sheek

(14) HKT

Reward: Good Deals For more info on these dastardly dealers, scan the QR Code!


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Kotoricon 2017 Program  

Kotoricon is a small anime convention held every January by students at Rowan College at Gloucester County in Sewell NJ. It is set up as a...

Kotoricon 2017 Program  

Kotoricon is a small anime convention held every January by students at Rowan College at Gloucester County in Sewell NJ. It is set up as a...