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Scientist Prof. Park Jae Woo. Su Jok Therapy is a new Approach & Effective Tool in Healing various Physical, Mental and Emotional DisDis-eases by our self without any Medicine. In quest of Practical ways of leading healthy & happy smile life free from suffering Useful for Everyone!

“Su Su Jok is a Divine Gift, Learn it, Use it & Spread it, to save Health & Wealth" "Rid the World of Pain without Medicine" EVERYONE COUNTS

Su Jok Acupuncture – Su Jok Therapy Center, Uganda

"A Person's diseases are not only limited to his own misfortune. It is directly linked to loss of his family, the group or the company, and the community, the country"

Better Information. Better Decisions. Better Health

Su Jok Acupuncture – or


Su Jok Acupuncture – Su Jok Therapy Center, Uganda

Su Jok Therapy is the "Healing Art of 21st Century" - the fast, simple, safe, easy, drugless & cost effective way to treat yourself, family, friends and people around you suffering from any physical, emotional and mental diseases namely - diabetics, headache, eyesight and hearing disorders, toothache, spine disorders, sore throat, any heart problem, cough, constipation, gastritis, cholecystitis, painful or scanty menstruation, prostatitis, any joints problems, stress, resist obesity, frequent colds, eczema, asthma, memory fails, fever, dyspnoea, herpes, anxiety, depression, insomnia, indigestion, acidity, do away with overweight, hemorrhoids, kidneys problems, gaining more energy, how to help in impotence and many other disorders... Just try Su Jok Therapy only once and it will become part of your life forever! Su Jok Acupuncture – or


Su Jok Intro - Originator  
Su Jok Intro - Originator  

Su Jok Therapy Introduction - Originator