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Lumbago A case from Doctor H. Petrov's practice, Rouse city, Bulgaria 44 years old.

Immobile Complained of sharp pain in the area L4-L5 (fourth-fifth lumbar vertebrae). The complaint appeared when he lifted a heavy load the day before that. I found very painful points in the projection of fourth-fifth lumbar vertebrae on all fingers and toes (System "Insect"). Treatment:

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foot. The needles stayed for thirty minutes. After their removal the pain in the waist totally disappeared. I studied the patient's condition during the following couple of days. He felt absolutely healthy. One procedure was enough for healing the illness.

Self Help Techniques – Su Jok Therapy –

Self Help Techniques – Su Jok Therapy –

1) I put three needles in each pain point on four fingers of the right hand and on four toes of the left


Su Jok Self Healing Treatment for Lumbago  

Su Jok Self healing treatment for Lumbago

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