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Night Urinary Incontinence A case from Doctor T. Goering's practice, Berlin City, Germany

12 years old child He suffered from night urinary incontinence since he was 6 years old. Urinated almost every night

Treatment: 1. I massaged with a diagnostic probe the projections of the bladder (Main system) for 4-5 minutes. 2. I traced out the projection of the bladder on one hand and one foot (Main system) and marked the classic acupuncture point J-4 on the stomach. I explained to the parents of the child how to warm up them with moxa at home (the projections for 25 minutes and the classic point for 15 minutes). We made one course of 15 procedures at an interval of 1 day by cross-alternation of the hands and feet. The child's urinary incontinence stopped after the fourth procedure. We continued doing the procedures because we apprehended that the urinary incontinence might start again. Till the end of the course the child didn't wet its bed not even once. Three months after the course the parents confirmed that the child was perfectly cured

Self Help Techniques – Su Jok Therapy –

Self Help Techniques – Su Jok Therapy –

The entire projection of the bladder in the system was painful.


Su Jok Self healing treatment for Bed Wetting