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Tapas, 24

Ministro 1153

DA: clase bcn (Spain) CD: Daniel Ayuso, Mijra Jacobs DE: Mijra Jacobs

Ministro 1153 belongs to the renowned restaurateur Juscelino Pereira, who is the owner of restaurant Piselli and Zena Caffè. This restaurant offers a simple menu with the homemade food taste appeal.

CL: Carlos Abellan

CD: Dude Tallia (Brazil) DE: Dude Tallia CL: Ministro 1153 Restaurant


It’s a Tapa style selection of typographies for the Catalan chef’s restaurant Tapas, 24. The essence of the new identity for Tapas, 24 is based on a mixture of pictograms, icons and illustrations combining original materials and typographies. Designers wanted to link the image to the typical Tapas bar from Barceloneta but giving it a contemporary twist.


delisious braning  

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