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Ai Garden Ai Garden is a new bakery with relaxing atmosphere, tasty bakery, ice cream and beverage, located in Nihonmachi, the new lifestyle mall in Bangkok. It is a Japanese bakery named 'Ai Garden' which means a garden of love. Piraya cooperated with the interior designer Virada to develop the project simultaneously, which allowed them to share the material applied in the design. The corporate identity design contains all promotional materials such as logo, mascot, menu, pop-up menu, vinyl flag, and signage. The logo of the bakery is a tree shaped as a heart in pink and green. As for the mascot, a rabbit was created to emphasize the friendly and cute character of the bakery. The menu cover was made by artificial grass. The front side of the Vinyl flag presents the rabbit mascot while a list of beverage is shown at the back.

GD: Piraya Ruangpungtong (Thailand) ID: Virada Hongchayangkoon PH: Mr.Silasak Kaewmaneerat CL: Ms. Viphada Tangpanyapinit



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