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Nostro Gastronomy Nostro Gastronomy is a Gastro Bar in downtown Budapest, which combines Hungarian and Italian cuisine. “Nostro” means “our” in English. This was one of the basic concepts of POS1T1ON, to keep the brand personality and attach three owners’ enthusiastic passion for cooking and eating design. The design was driven by two main aspects. One was to keep the base identity of their products as a traditional, countryside attitude of healthy and intense taste and a provincial atmosphere. The other was to keep the identity of the concept up-to-date and provide a contemporary mix of modern visual appearance both in the printed, online materials and the interior of the bar. POS1T1ON’s intention is to show its clients the importance of different communication channels, such as corporate website, gastro blog, and daily Facebook activity.



delisious braning  
delisious braning  

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