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Evolution of Banger Bros Banger Bros is a fast growing restaurant chain based around London. With restaurants in Portobello Road, Tower Bridge and the new Westfield shopping center, Banger Bros felt their existing visual style did not represent their core messages. Produce for their award winning sausages are sourced from all over the world, so Third Floor Design Ltd. wanted to ensure this was visible in their literature. They stripped everything back, used mainly black text on white uncoated stock and rolled this out across wall panels, table menus and promotional literature. They were heavily involved in the design of Banger bros first sit down restaurant in Crouch End and tasked with taking an existing shell and turning this into a contemporary yet comfortable eating spot for families, couples and tourists. They achieved this by adding more structure to the seating area, adding elements of the brand around the restaurant and creating way finders throughout. DA: Third Floor Design Ltd. (UK) CD: James Cowdale AD: Marc Phelps DE: James Cowdale CL: Banger Bros PH: Marc Phelps



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