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Eat Right What makes Eat Right different is that it boasts that their products are 100% healthy. Eat Right gives customers full transparency of the products' ingredients and educates them towards a better way of life. The purpose was to build a new brand of fast-and-healthy food that differentiates them from other health food chains. The designers chose to create a "coacher" character that represents a combination of professionalism and transparency along with a bit of humor. The coacher accompanies costumers on every printed product and gives them tips for a healthier and more balanced way of life. In order to emphasize the value of health, they designed a special icon language for each nutritional value that is used as an info-graphic on the printed products of the chain.

CD: Yotam Bezalel (Israel) AD: Yotam Bezalel DE: Yotam Bezalel CL: EAT RIGHT



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