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Brasserie Witteveen The foundation of the witteveen corporate identity is the Helvetica font, as every project within the IQ creative family. This font has been given a playful interpretation, all of the letters, punctuation and lines are scratched by hand. The witteveen concept is accessible, flexible and for everyone. By hatching the letters and lines the overall appearance has become more open and unconstrained, that partly refers to the child friendliness of witteveen. The menu is structured as a stereotype brasserie menu: dynamic, quickly to adapt, everything on one page and the menu functions as a placemat. Especially for the kids there is a coloring placemat, with the kids menu on it. The corporate identity is present in the interior through signing and window stickers.

DA: Concrete Architectural Associates (The Netherlands) CL: IQ creative PH: Ewout Huibers



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