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Gomez Bar The Gomez concept revolves around a global neighborhood tavern, a revisited “friendly neighborhood bar”. The designers wanted to develop an identity that can reflect the community of San Pedro Garza Garcia, where the bar is located. They created a friendly and fun graphic personality, using certain elements that take on the idea of a typical neighborhood bar and give it a global perspective. In order to achieve this, they developed a playful iconography that toys with the Gomez concept, including the physical space, the menus, and its publicity. The icons represent the music from the jukebox, the casual food, the cold beer served by friendly bartenders, the artisan mescal imported from Oaxaca, and mainly, the good time one can have in the bar.

DA: SAVVY (Mexico) CD: Armando Cantú - Rafael Prieto AD: Eduardo Hernández Vaca DE: Violeta Hernández CL: Gomez Bar



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