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Hawkers Hawkers Asian Street Fare is a modern take on the traditional Asian food hawker center, an indoor restaurant with an assortment of Asian street fare. While Hawkers’ stakeholders originally were planning on making the restaurant a gastro pub to fit the establishment in the area, Danger Brain helped them come to the realization that they should be unapologetic of their street fare origins and allow that culture and history to shine. The color palette for Hawkers had already been set to orange, gray, and white, and we worked within that color palette to evoke a sense of the street fare experience by bringing in a mix of traditional Chinese patterns and textures into the design, as well as showcasing actual street hawker imagery to illustrate and further reinforce the brand’s story. In another nod to its origins, the tables are made of Asian newspaper clippings the owners brought from their home countries. In another nod to its origins, the Hawkers logo was made to look like a traditional kanji symbol while at the same time forming the figure of a food hawker.

DA: Danger Brain (USA) CD: Sebastian Surroca AD: Alfonso Surroca DE: Sebastian Surroca CL: Hawkers Asian Street Fare PH: Alfonso Surroca



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