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Table Nยบ1 Table Nยบ1 is Shanghai's first gastro-bar that serves tapas-style modern European cuisine. The brand identity is based on the restaurant's focus on communal dining in a simple and unpretentiousness environment, thus the use of brown Kraft paper and newsprint paper throughout the collateral system. The central theme of the design is long communal tables which inspired the business card to be designed as a little table when folded up. Staff can conveniently stamp the logo on the order pads made of newsprint papers.

DA: Foreign Policy Design Group (Singapore) CD: Yah-Leng Yu, Arthur Chin DE: Yah-Leng Yu, Tianyu Isaiah Zheng CL: Table Nยบ1, Shanghai PH: Tianyu Isaiah Zheng



delisious braning  
delisious braning  

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