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The Humming Bird The Humming Bird is a restaurant and bar based in a small village in Leeds, UK. Spread over three floors, the venue offers the finest locally prepared produces and exquisite cocktails. The brief was to create a brand identity and experience that felt friendly and had a homely sensibility. And the team wanted to create a relaxed and inviting atmosphere that could be enjoyed by everyone. The food menu is changed daily depending on the availability of produce, and this is done via chalkboards which have become a strong central theme for the whole project. In developing the distinctive proposition, Analogue focused on textures and typography and the art direction of the food photography was also a key element in creating the right brand image. The logo and visual identity is a mix of tradition and contemporary elements and the external sign is fabricated in mild steel which will rust over time and add to its character and appearance.

DA: Analogue (UK) CD: Barry Darnell GD: Tez Humphreys CL: The Humming Bird PH: Rob Booker



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