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Laura Diaz As unique as the creations in her kitchen, Laura Diaz Catering came to La Tortillería with a simple, yet original idea: classic typewriter font with black and white illustrations. They wanted to bring her business to life, so designers decided to take it to the next level by keeping this premise and adding some colors to her image. La Tortillería used illustrations full of movement and details to arouse clients' interest and inspire them to try it out. The objective was to create good memories and flavors that will last a lifetime while designers want to give her business a fresh personality and an eye-catching website to reflect her professionalism and passion. They produced the reinvention of a business that will keep on giving for days to come. The final delivery included a new logo, a full website redesign, business cards, place cards, stationery and packaging materials that definitely take the cake.

CD: Zita Arcq, Sonia Saldaña (Mexico) AD: Zita Arcq, Sonia Saldaña DE: Carolina Larragoity & Melissa Chaib CL: Laura Díaz PH: Carlos Rodríguez



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